Savings 101: Ways You Can Cut Bills On Toiletries

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It happens to everyone one day. You look at your credit card bill and realize that you have spent three times as much as you pay on rent or food on salon visits, hair products, manicures, and. . oh wait, no actually it doesn’t happen to everyone. But it does happen to some of us – the elegant, the radiant, the coupon-challenged.

Not to worry: cutting what you spend on toiletries can be one of the most liberating and beautifying experiences you can give yourself. All those hours spent straining your brow over receipts from the spa, the hairdresser, the manicurist, will be spent relaxing smugly with much, much more cash in hand.

Savings 101 Ways You Can Cut Bills On Toiletries

Here are some tips on how to get started without friends and family noticing any abrupt changes in your style:

  • I Love Sans Salon Products!

    So every time you get you get your hair cut you notice a pattern. You spend roughly $50 to $100 dollars on “product.” Well, to put it simply: don’t. Do not buy “product” at fancy hair salons. Do not be wooed by the dream of bouncier curls, softer hair, etc.

    There are simpler numerous, inexpensive, au naturel ways to approach beauty and spending enough money to feed a small town is not one of them. Look at the ingredients on the shampoo and conditioners that you use closely and then look at the ingredients of similar, generic products at your local store. Choose wisely.

  • The Natural Way

    Here is a set of philosophical questions. Why buy facial products that have avocado in them when a simple mask can be made with avocado, egg, and honey right at home?

    Why purchase $30 body moisturizer when various natural oils are the base of the moisturizer and can be bought in bulk for a fraction of the price? (See: almond oil).

    Why spend $15 on fancy toothbrushes and razors when the difference is so negligible as to nearly be forgotten? These are merely philosophical questions that have only one solution – do your own research.

    Find less expensive, natural processes for your bathroom routine. You will drop dead gorgeous when you learn what you can save this way.

  • Spend Less, Drink More

    Do you smoke, drink alcohol frequently, eat greasy food and expect to look “young again” with a $45 collagen-enhanced moisturizer? Examining how your lifestyle impacts your health and beauty: priceless.

    Quit smoking, and making water your drink of choice. Eat as many differently colored fruits and vegetables each day. Your skin will notice the difference and demand fewer splotches of foundation, overnight eye treatments, and the like. Such minor adjustments can significantly impact the “need” for the majority of toiletries you have amassed throughout the years.

  • Old School Techniques

    Learning how to care for your body in more traditional ways can put a dent in your spending habits. Invest in a great razor, a shaving cream bowl, and a brush. The art of shaving, nearly forgotten, lends itself to the most fabulous skin.

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