Scheduled Monthly Payments Not Just For Large Businesses

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No more time wasting

Having to chase monthly payments can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive for any business, but can be even more so for smaller companies with fewer team members or organisations that only undertake usual admin tasks thanks to volunteers.

The time spent chasing payments is valuable time that could be utilised elsewhere, but there is a solution. If your small business, or organisation needs to collect payments either monthly or annually, while wanting to keep customer satisfaction levels high then a direct debit facility from Smart Debit could be the answer.

Often thought of as a financial facility that only larger companies can make full use of, the Smart Debit option is just as relevant to smaller companies or clubs and groups.

Smart Debit work regularly with SME’s who find that using debit options with their bank or building society too costly an option. The Smart Debit fee structure is very simple and can work well with any company budget regardless of the size of the team.

With direct debit, your cash flow will begin to look healthier from the very beginning as payments are less likely to go astray or get missed altogether.

There are very few over heads to worry about; no heavy investment in software needed and no downtime, so the service remains robust month after month and by receiving regular reports on the cash coming in and going out, your finance team will also know what is going on.

Simple from the start

The system is easy to install and get running, with support from the Smart Debit team every step of the way, leaving more time for your finance staff or volunteers to put their time to better use.

You won’t have any lengthy digital passwords to remember and unlike other providers the Smart Debit system can be set up in 3 weeks. No more payment chasing means you can focus on building your business.

You will also find that by using debits, your customers will have greater satisfaction as making their payments will be easy.

The system is used widely by utility companies and mortgage lenders, so the chances are your customers will already understand the benefits of transferring their money this way.

For you it means your regular income is safe and secure, using a BACs approved service that gives you complete peace of mind. And if a payment should be missed, then the Smart Debit system can be programmed to retry the transaction after a few days.

Any problems, or missed payments can, of course, be reviewed on the monthly system reports. With scheduled monthly payments coming in, getting your cash flow sorted really couldn’t be easier.

Anna Mathews has given advice on finance to many SME’s and organisations over the last few years and writes regularly on the benefits of using a direct debit provider, such as the services offered by Smart Debit to increase business cash flow and maintain customer satisfaction. She writes for a range of SME and business websites and blogs.

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