Self-Care Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

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When you’re in the middle of running your business and helping it grow and thrive, it’s easy to forget that you have to help yourself grow and thrive, as well.

As an entrepreneur, there are a lot of lessons that running a business can teach you: how to be more efficient, not to take yourself too seriously, and even how to pick yourself up after failing.

Let self-care be one of these lessons.

If you’re curious about the self-care lessons you need to learn, read on here for our top self-care tips.

Self-Care Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

  1. Breathe Right

    That might seem a little basic, right? After all, we all breathe all day, every day. However, you should consider HOW you breathe. Are you taking short, panting gasps? Are you exhaling through your nose frequently in frustration? Learning healthy breathing techniques help maintain a calm, focused attitude.

    There are scientifically-proven benefits to taking calm and controlled breaths throughout your day. Taking control of your breathing can help reduce stress, stabilize your blood pressure, and eliminate anxiety. As you go about your day, check in on your breathing every once in a while and focus on taking deep, abdominal breaths when you can. You might even want to start retraining this involuntary process with a daily 10-minute meditation.

  2. Love Your Space

    Self-Care Lessons Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know 2

    Whether you work from home or an office, it’s safe to assume you spend a lot of your time in one space. If you’re going to be in the same room for 8-10 hours a day, it will help you get the job done if you love the space. You don’t want your office to make you too relaxed, but it’s OK to make it feel like home.

    There are several factors involved in creating a pleasant workspace that are conducive to efficiency and productivity, including:

    • Having enough light and ventilation

    • Storage and organization that helps your workflow

    • Eliminating distractions

    • Working with color psychology

    • Choosing ergonomic chairs and tables

    • Adding live plants

  3. Take Time to Exercise

    Research shows that exercise is good for your mind and body. You probably already know that exercise can reduce stress, help you sleep better, and improve cognitive function. Even more importantly, exercise specifically targets the area of the brain responsible for learning and memory — crucial elements of running a successful business and staying on top of everything that needs to get done.

    While many people fear exercise will be too time-consuming or strenuous, even a 30-minute walk each day is enough to enjoy the benefits of exercise. Breaking up your exercise into manageable chunks means you don’t have to interrupt your workflow or lose time by spending an hour or more getting to and from a class.

  4. Treating Yourself

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    You reward your employees for their hard work; now it’s time to reward yourself. If positive reinforcement motivates your team, it will work for you, too! Celebrate all your victories — from getting your first sale to launching your store — and discover how much it inspires you to keep going. Treating yourself doesn’t have to involve major costs or effort. It can be a beauty treatment like a face mask or eyelash extensions, or even just take out from your favorite restaurant. Make sure your rewards are equivalent to the amount of work you did to achieve your victory!

  5. Be Proactive About Your Mental Health

    There is research that suggests successful business owners have character traits that make them more vulnerable to depression, mood swings, and loss of motivation. Checking in with your mental health is critical to ensuring you’re not losing your mind while growing your business. You’re probably constantly aware of the well-being of employees and vendors, so don’t skip out on taking care of yourself when you’re feeling down. Sometimes, all it takes to feel better is a small break from work, but be prepared to take a larger step to deal with any negative emotions and frustrations: talking to a professional.

Are you a business owner that’s sacrificing yourself for the supposed good of your business? Incorporate these self-care lessons into your life and watch as your business improves as you do!

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