Set Project Objectives – and Hit Them!

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Do you set project objectives? It is a good practice for larger projects. The objectives state what your project will achieve.

Of course, if you set the objectives, you have to make sure that you actually achieve them.

Here’s how to set project objectives and how to achieve them:

Set Project Objectives

  1. Make sure the objectives state what the project will achieve

    Project objectives are not just nice esoteric statements. They need to state precisely what you are trying to achieve on the project.

    When the project is over, you need to go back over your objectives to ensure you achieved them all. If you did, there is an excellent chance your project was successful.

  2. Make sure the objectives are deliverable based

    Your objectives state what you are trying to achieve on the project. Your project is also building one or more deliverables.

    There needs to be a tie between the deliverables your project produces and the objectives. If your objectives are not going to be completed by creating deliverables, you need to ask how you will achieve them.

    I have seen some projects with a nice set of objectives and a nice set of deliverables, However the deliverables and the objectives do not match. This means either the objectives are wrong, or they are building the wrong set of deliverables.

    You can help ensure the objectives are concrete enough by using the SMART acronym. Make sure your objectives are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely.

  3. Make sure your team and stakeholders know the objectives

    Objectives should be in your project charter. But don’t stop there. Print out your objectives and put them on your wall behind by your desk so everyone can see them.

    It will also serve as a reminder to you to make sure you focus on meeting the objectives that will make you successful.

  4. Integrate into your project

    Having the goals in front of you every day will help, but you need to get make sure that your schedule is also aligned.

    Remember that the completion of the schedule should also be aligned to the achievement of your objectives. Make sure that the schedule contains the activities required to complete your objectives.

    Use all your project manager powers – track your progress weekly, resolve any issues that arise as quickly as possible, manage scope effectively, etc.

There’s more to judging project success than just being on time, within budget, and in scope. The triple constraint is the foundation of project management, but not the end-all, be-all of project success.

Make sure you also understand what your project is trying to achieve. Set objectives that articulate project success. Then hit the objectives. You will be a rock star.

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