Seven Ways to Save Money at the Dentist’s Office

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If you have been to the dentist lately, you know that it can be expensive. This is especially true if you have children. Fortunately, there are seven ways to save money at the dentist’s office.

Seven Ways to Save Money at the Dentists Office

  1. Form of Payment

    Many dentist offices offer discounts based on your form of payment. For example, you may get a 15% discount for paying in cash or a 10% discount for paying in full with a credit card. You will not be able to take advantage of these savings if you make a partial payment on the day of your visit or if the office has to bill you for the services. Even if you don’t see a sign, ask about discounts.

  2. Discount Clubs or Plans

    Some dental practices have discount clubs or savings plans for their customers. Ask if your dentist has one and how to enroll. You may be eligible to receive discounted services for enrolling in the club or plan for a small fee. Some of the clubs and plans are even free for current customers to join.

  3. Dental Insurance

    You may want to look into purchasing dental insurance to cover your family. Check to see which forms dental insurance your dentist’s office accepts. Compare how much you spend at the dentist’s office in a typical year to the cost of the insurance to see how much you could save. Don’t forget to account for dental emergencies that could happen.

  4. Listen to the Dentist

    Always listen to your dentist’s instructions about caring for your teeth and avoiding gum disease. If your teeth and gums are healthy, you won’t need extra dental work. This can save you money over time.

  5. Ask about Options

    Another way to save is to question your dentist. When the dentist explains dental work that you need done, ask about all of the available options and the costs associated with those options. Your dentist may recommend a lower priced solution to your problem.

  6. Referral Bonuses

    Some dental offices offer referral bonuses if you refer new customers to them. Ask to see if your dentist offers any bonuses because this could really offer you great savings on your next dental visit. Think of everyone you could refer!

  7. Payment Plans

    Finally, ask about payment plans. You may be able to save more money by opting into a payment plan for an expensive procedure instead of charging the total amount to your credit card that probably has a high interest rate on it. Compare the interest rate of the payment plan to your credit card’s interest rate to see which is cheaper.

You have to visit the dentist, but you don’t have to spend a fortune. You can save money at the dentist’s office.

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