Should You Invest in Employee Fire Warden Training?

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Fire wardens play a very important role in preventing workplace fires and minimizing the damage in case of a fire.

More and more businesses are investing in employee fire warden training Brisbane as they understand the devastating effects that a fire can cause.

Statistics show that 2 out of 5 businesses that are affected by a fire never fully recover from the damage, hence the importance of adequate preparation.

Fire wardens have several duties including:

  • Formulating, improving and implementing fire safety procedures at the workplace

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the fire safety procedures in place

  • Notifying other employees and management of fire hazards and how to deal with them

  • Instructing employees and other people in the building on what to do in case of a fire

  • Helping in evacuating employees and other people from the building in case of a fire

  • Conducting fire drills

  • Ensuring everyone is accounted for during an emergency evacuation

  • Fire warden training

    Fire wardens are taught a lot during training. They know the appropriate exits that people should use during an emergency evacuation.

    For instance, lifts should not be used during an evacuation and the fire wardens will help ensure that no one hops into the lift in an attempt to escape.

    They will check all the areas of the building to ensure that everyone has vacated the building. Not anyone can do this as they may put themselves at risk while trying to help.

    Fire wardens are trained on how to evacuate people while ensuring that they are safe.

    It is advisable for your fire wardens to conduct emergency evacuation drills at least once a year so that both they and the employees are well prepared in case of a fire incident.

    And for a high-risk workplace, such as a factory or a laboratory, you should conduct emergency evacuation drills more frequently.

  • Authority of fire wardens

    Your employees need to know who the fire wardens are so that they know who to follow and obey in case of a fire.

    It can be very confusing with people running in all directions trying to save their lives. When your employees know who to follow, there will be some order and this will prevent people from getting injured while running for dear life.

  • No legal requirement

    There is no legal requirement for you to have fire wardens but for your employee’s safety and your peace of mind, it is recommended that you appoint some of your employees to be fire wardens and invest in their training.

    They should go for training at least once a year. The training they receive should be tailored to your kind of business and the buildings in which you operate.

The number of fire wardens you appoint is also determined by the size of your organization. It goes without saying that a bigger business should have more fire wardens.

It may be a good idea to appoint people from different departments so that all areas of the building are covered in case of a fire. Alternatively, you can have one or more floor wardens for each floor.

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