Side Jobs to Get into after Your Work hours

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Although many have made it their full-time profession (freelancers, etc.), the very idea behind side jobs is doing them, well, on the side – in addition to a day job.

Nowadays, with widespread Internet connections, many positions have been opened up to be filled, in addition to the 9-5 working hours.

Here are top side business ideas you can do after coming back from office.


  • Website Design

    What better way to contribute to the World Wide Web than creating web pages! Every company needs a website – if you aren’t on Google, you don’t even exist and no one will take you seriously.

    Website design is easy to get into and, with all the technological innovations available out there, this side job can be done literally from anywhere, as long as you’re connected.

    Making website templates may not be a top-of-the-line profession, but it works great in addition to your day job.

    If you have a bit more spare time available at hand, you can specialize in order-based website design – the pay is better, but this does require more time investment and dedication.

  • Web Design

    Now, this profession might be a little bit tricky if you have a 9-5 job, but web design is perfect for all of you success-craving professionals out there.

    Commonly confused with website design, this line of work requires the skillset of a website designer, but entails you making your way to the top by creating your own content on a website of your creation.

    Think of it as advanced-level website design.

  • writer

  • Writing

    The business climate for a writer has never been better. Content writing, for example, entails working based on orders on websites such as iWriter.

    The main perk here is outlined in the fact that as you rise through the ranks, you are given access to more cutting-edge orders, which can land you with a lot of money for no more than 2-hours’ worth of work.

    If you are a gifted wordsmith, content writing is an excellent side job idea to complement your regular work.

  • blogger

  • Blogging

    Although having a blog may entail writing posts, blogs can be about many other things, such as photos and posting cool quotes.

    Websites such as Tumblr offer you an opportunity to get into this world and are completely free.

    However, in terms of earning, blogging is mostly based on advertisements, so exploring other website options might be a smart idea.

  • comedian

  • Comedy

    Off the topic of the Internet and into entertainment, if you are a fun, outgoing person, you can try yourself out at comedy.

    Many people are looking to hire a comedian for celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and the like and getting yourself out there in these terms is an excellent side job idea.

    Who knows, you might even make the great and become the next George Carlin!

  • dog-walking

  • Dog Walking

    Do you like walking? Are you good with animals? Well, dog walking may well be a perfect side job for you!

    Busy people will actually pay good buck for someone taking their dogs for a walk and if you don’t mind picking up some dog poo every now and then and if you enjoy the lively spirit of these cute furry animals, you might as well do your rounds, picking up dogs from the owners who hired you and take a walk around the park for an hour or two on a daily basis.

Working multiple jobs has never been easier and, regardless of whether you are looking to compensate for a low salary, or simply want to earn some pocket money on the side, these relatively easy side gigs might do the trick for you. Who knows, maybe you even end up switching professions!

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