Six Common Mistakes Most Make When Purchasing A New Vehicle

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The sheer excitement of buying a new car causes some shoppers to make irrational decisions. In order to choose the best available vehicle, the prospective buyer must remain patient and weigh their options.

Mistakes when buying a new car

Here are six common mistakes most make when purchasing a new vehicle.

  1. Very short test drive

    An appropriate test drive should last for at least 30 minutes. This will give the car shopper enough time to test the vehicle’s driving dynamics, seating position, ergonomics, on-road visibility, and the overall comfort level. A rushed test drive can cause you to overlook some critical factors.

  2. Failing to shop around

    Even if you have your eyes fixated on a particular vehicle, it is still a good idea to test drive the competition. Most times you find that another vehicle steals your heart. In order to gain an advantage in price negotiations, you must visit multiple dealerships.

  3. Low monthly payment plans are deceptive

    During the process of developing a payment plan, some prospective buyers are lured by the temptation of low monthly payments. Unfortunately, the final cost could be substantially higher in the long run. Make it a priority to make negotiations based on the total cost opposed to a short-term outlook.

  4. Purchasing unnecessary features

    It is not uncommon for car salesmen to encourage the buyer to purchase upgraded features. However, these features can cause the total cost to increase by thousands of dollars. For example, you do not need to opt for a navigation system if you rarely travel to unfamiliar locations.

  5. Falling victim to vehicle recalls

    Do not expect the salesman to tell you about any recalls for the vehicle. Although a vehicle can be recalled for a variety of different defects, those that impact your personal safety warrant an immediate red flag. According to auto accident lawyer Michael D. Ponce, you will need to hire an experienced lawyer if the automaker fails to repair a defective component.

  6. Buying based on hearsay

    Some drivers make the mistake of purchasing a vehicle based purely on hearsay. Even if there is a lot of hype surrounding a particular vehicle, it may not be the most suitable vehicle for you. Always take the time to thoroughly research each prospective vehicle before making a final decision.

If you are in the market for a brand new ride, do not be so quick to sign on the dotted line. You do not want to be stuck with a vehicle that does not live it up to its expectations.

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