Six Important Factors to Evaluate When Choosing ISP

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For most businesses, internet access is just as crucial as other utilities.

They use internet access for everything from communication to credit card processing.

Without a reliable internet access, business and the companies cannot operate.

Besides businesses, homes need increasing amounts of home Internet users to use the internet as their primary source of entertainment. This is because of the popularity of video streaming services as well as social media.

Some of the critical factors to consider when choosing an internet service provider to your home or business include:

Six Important Factors to Evaluate When Choosing ISP

  1. The service type

    Internet service providers use various methods to get on the internet to your business, or your home, and these methods have their own pros and cons. There are four basic types of internet connections: That is satellite, DSL, cable and fibre optic service.

    This guide will provide simple details of these internet connection methods.

    Let’s take a look at the pros and cons associated with them.

    • Cable internet. It is fast and widely used, but sometimes it slows down during peak hours. The major players in cable TV and internet space include Cox communications, Xfinity Spectrum and many more.

    • DSL. DSL internet seems to be more affordable and remarkably consistent, but it is relatively slow. Believe me, or not some companies still offer DSL internet connectivity. These include Windstream, Frontier and other smaller carriers.

    • Satellite internet. This is an excellent option for some people, but it might be slightly more expensive than other services you’ve been using. This is available in many rural areas where the connection types do not reach, such as fibre-optics. For such reasons, satellite options offer a great opportunity.

    • Fibre optic internet service. This internet service appears to be stunningly fast and more effective. The only drawback is that it is a new technology that is only available in limited areas. Companies that offer this type of service include Windstream, Frontier, EarthLink and many more.

  2. Six Important Factors to Evaluate When Choosing ISP 2

  3. Speed

    As a business owner, you need to ensure that there is sufficient internet speed to avoid disruption even when it’s demand is at the highest. To some clients, speed is one of the significant factors when determining the internet service provider. They need the highest speed internet they can get in their location.

    This is wholly based on the area and what is offered to you as a consumer or business. The number you use to compare plans is called bandwidth. This is simply the volume of information per unit time for a certain transmission medium consistent.

    Some customers get lucky to access fibre internet connections of over 1000 megabits per second, while on the other hand, some businesses get 3 to 6 Mbps DSL connections. Just because the certain internet speed is advertised, it doesn’t mean that it is the speed you will be receiving. It is a best thing that you check with the neighbouring businesses to see the kind of rate you can realistically expect.

  4. Type of connection

    The connection type has a significant influence on the speed of the internet. Satellite internet seems to be slow despite having a considerable download speed of up to 25 Mbps. The reasoning behind this is sheer physics.

    The signal sent from your satellite travels about 22,000 miles out to space. From there the satellite in orbit communicates with the network centre to get the request site. Data and information is sent back to the satellite in your orbit and then sent back to your satellite. Even with the highest speed of the light, the whole process will take roughly 500 milliseconds Plus traditional processing time for your request, which takes place on both the clients and server.

    This doesn’t sound too much but adding an extra 0.5 seconds to every action and make it slow if you are using a traditional DSL internet connection. Contrast, even the 4G-LTE signals are about 100 milliseconds compared to the signals for satellite connection which is about 400-plus milliseconds. Other faster connections like fibre internet often offer lower latency which is under 20 milliseconds.

  5. Availability

    Availability of the internet connection is one of the most significant deciding factors, especially in rural areas. Fibre optic internet connection doesn’t bring your business any benefits if the service provider doesn’t offer services in your area. A significant number of companies have just a few options which are satellite internet options and either some type of broadband network which can be surprisingly pretty good with the perfect equipment data plan.

  6. The cost

    For the internet service provider to make sense for you, it requires a good balance between the speed and the cost. For instance, suppose you are running a business out of your home, $1000 a month for a dedicated fibre internet connection won’t make sense for you.

    In some companies the price doesn’t really matter as much as speed. The same $1000 a month for a dedicated fibre internet connection might be a no-brainer for a growing business with at least 25 employees, as in many aspects of companies you will have to weigh the pros and the cons.

  7. Reliability

    Another significant factor that you should consider is reliability, especially for your business customers. Having a slow and unreliable internet connection is stressful and lowers the productivity of your business. If you cannot risk having a business internet service interruption, it is advisable to hire an internet service provider that provides a service level agreement. SLA’s are service providers that indicate reliable the internet connection should be.

    The customer service is associated with reliability. Despite how fast internet connection is, something will one day go sideways. Whether it is physically damaged to line or dying hardware, it is incredibly likely that there will be problems one day. Good customer service is a measure of how fast they can help get you back up and running. Most businesses, especially big ones, cannot wait for several days or weeks for new hardware to be shipped from overseas to them. They will need a level of service better than a service provider who understands that.

The internet service provider’s choice is probably the most significant decision related to the internet connectivity of a business or home. Hopefully, this guide has shed some light on the various factors that should play a significant role in the decision.

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