Six Jobs that Guarantee Good Pay Right Out of College

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If you are going to put money into an education, and even risk racking up student loans in the process, then it only makes sense that you’d want to get a high paying job right out of college. And while not every degree is guaranteed to get you on that path, there are some desirable options that will open up plenty of doors for you.

Six Jobs that Guarantee Good Pay Right Out of College

Here are six jobs that guarantee good pay right out of college.

  1. Web Designer

    With many different companies and industries shifting towards the Internet, a career in web design offers a great opportunity to dive into a market where your talents will surely be sought after.

    Web designers require knowledge of programing and they also need to have a talent for making things look great. Even those that don’t find a job working as a web designer for a big firm right out of college, can still find freelance work that will rack in a good amount of money.

  2. Network Systems Administrator

    Also in the tech industry, a profession as a network systems administrator will allow you to help companies setup their computer systems.

    Despite the reliance that most businesses have on technology, many companies don’t have the knowledge to build an entire network or make it run right. That’s where you can step in, while demanding a big paycheck right out of school.

  3. Financial Analyst

    If you have a knack for money, people will certainly enjoy your advice when it comes to helping them save and prepare their own finances.

    A financial analyst will help you get in with companies or individuals who are looking to access their current financial standing and make it better.

    Be sure to load up on math and accounting class while in college, so companies can see you know what you’re doing with numbers and money.

  4. Pharmaceutical Representative

    If you don’t want a job where you sit at a desk all day, you can begin work as a pharmaceutical rep and start making good money right out of college.

    This job will take a great personality and the determination to keep going even when you hear someone say no. But if you can stick with it, you can increase your pay with commissions and other bonuses for your efforts.

  5. Engineer

    Engineers are those who do well at science and math and a degree will allow you to work in a variety of different fields.

    Finding the perfect civil engineering masters programs will allow you to get a job right out of college that will help you command big bucks.

    And as you gain just a bit of experience on the job, you’ll notice great raises as well.

  6. Investment Banker

    Another job that is great for the financially aware is investment banking. Many people may be hesitant to invest their money with current economic standings.

    But once you can develop a portfolio of paying clients, investment bankers make a good commission of the gains they earn. It takes a lot of effort, but a job as an investment banker can reap high financial returns.

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