Six Tested Secrets For Finding A Great Used Car Online

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We all want the perfect used car but it is becoming an increasingly difficult task finding one. There are however ways to protect yourself and get the best value for your money.

Here are six tested secrets for finding a great used car online.

  1. Decide what you expect to find

    It is best to buy a car that has gone 150,000 or 200,000 miles. It has been proven that a car that has gone higher miles is well maintained. A car that has gone lower or higher than 14,000 miles per year is not good news. A low mileage shows that the car is rarely used or driven. A lot of things can go wrong with a car like this. The engine could have been affected by sludge and carbon. The odometer could have rolled over more times than you are been told. A way to know if a car has great miles on it is to check for the brake- pedal rubber. A worn one shows that it has been used often. A new one may indicate that the old has been replaced.

  2. Six Tested Secrets For Finding A Great Used Car Online

  3. Sources

    There are some valuable and credible sources that provide the best car listings online. Most ads you find are from dealers. eBay Motors provides viewers with information about the car, photos and may even add carfax. On iSeeCars, you can find results that are within your budget and preferences. It takes into consideration your budgets and provides you with results that match them accordingly. There are also sites that compare the price of one seller to another and provides you with the most affordable. Be sure to check for credible and well-tested sources.

  4. Have a used car inspection list

    There are a number of factors to consider and having a list will help you check the ones that fit into your plans.

    Some include:

    • Price: Most experts believe that the lowest you can pay for a reliable used car in San Diego is $2500. You should, however, set your budget to $3500. From here, you can haggle and see if you can beat down the price. The more you pay, the more value you should be getting.

    • Distance: You can start from areas close to you and if you don’t find what you want, you can expand and check for farther areas. You should be able to find plenty of nice cars in areas close to you, about a few hours drive. It won’t make sense to travel a long distance and end up with a bad car in the middle of the road.

    • Mileage: as already mentioned, a great mileage shows the car has been maintained and used. It also shows that the car has not suffered from faults occurring as a result of it being abandoned. Start with a maximum of 150,000 miles and then move upwards to about 200,000 if necessary.

    • Six Tested Secrets For Finding A Great Used Car Online 2

    • Models: It is best to check for models with great credibility in times past. You can, however, start your search without specificity. From here, you can narrow your search and choose reliable models from the options available.

    • Wheels and tires: A car with different types and styles of tires indicates that the owner has had difficulty with the tires. This is not good news! Check for the tires and ensure they are in good condition. Worn out tires can be replaced for as much as $350, so include that in your bargain price. You can also check the tire trade wears. If the front end is not in line, it may indicate that the suspension is worn out.

  5. Inspection and test driving

    Start by inspecting the appearance of the car. Is the bodywork straight? Check the fenders & doors for ripples. You should also check the doorframes & underhood as well as in the trunk for signs of crash damage. If it needs a paint job, you can factor that into the price. Check for water damage by checking for mud in the trunk or under the seats. If the interior smells moldy, it may mean the car has been underwater. You may want to consider moving elsewhere.

    A dirty car might indicate that it is not well maintained. First, inspect it yourself. You can request for a floor jack, some jack stands or a pair of ramps from the seller. After carrying out a personal inspection, you can then get a reliable local mechanic to check it out further. It is best to spend the money hiring one than come to regret it later. A mechanic can show you parts that need repair. This can help you when negotiating with the seller and hopefully beat down the price. If the seller won’t agree to have a mechanic check it out, you might want to consider walking away.

  6. Six Tested Secrets For Finding A Great Used Car Online 3

  7. Know your vehicles

    Look for a vehicle you know and are familiar with. Japanese cars like Toyota or Honda are very reliable but may come with extra charges in form of tax. You can, however, check for second-tier Japanese brands like Mazda, Mitsubishi or Nissan. American cars like Ford are also very reliable and you can get them for a cheaper price.

  8. Caution

    When sourcing for used cars online, it is important to know those to avoid. European cars are expensive and a lot is often spent on maintenance. It is highly advised not to buy salvage cars. This includes a car that has been underwater, in a fire or in an accident. Such cars usually come with a lot of problems.


Getting a reliable used car online is a lot of work and requires patience. Be sure not to spend all your savings on the car in case you need to get new tires or pay for registration and insurance. Any deal too good to be true probably is so don’t get too excited and pay without confirmation. Finally, be prepared to turn back and walk away if the car is not in the state that was advertised online.

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