Six Ways To Increase Your Earning Potential Without Switching Fields

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With today’s sluggish and uncertain economy, many people are thinking of ways to secure or improve their earnings without abandoning the degree and training they already have by switching fields.

Here are a few things to consider while staying within your expertise.

6 Ways To Increase Your Earning Potential Without Switching Fields

  1. Author a Book

    In the current technological age, anyone can author a book and sell it in the digital marketplaces. If you have special expertise consider writing a how-to, memoir or general advice e-book. Remember to pay special attention to confidentiality matters if you are in a legal or medical profession, however.

  2. Parallel Field Work

    Research options for additional hours in a similar field. If you work as a court reporter, try secretarial or paralegal work in a law office. If you’re an elementary school teacher, try offering your hands-on experience in curriculum development for the classroom.

  3. Just Ask For It

    Many employees give up a position or switch fields completely before they have a real conversation with their boss. Offer to take on more responsibilities in exchange for higher pay. Inquire about future openings and what you need to do to qualify for advancement. You never know what your employer or place of business may be struggling with behind the scenes that you can help improve.

  4. Consider a Move

    If you work in small town or rural setting, consider making a move to a bigger city. With more businesses come more opportunities. If moving house and home isn’t an option, inquire about carpooling or commuting to a more urban area.

  5. Continue Your Education

    As daunting as the task may seem, going back to school within your specialty can open up advancement opportunities thereby increase earning potential.

    Many colleges offer master’s degree programs online so you can work around your current schedule. Take advantage of any on-the-job training your employer may offer.

    Consider enrollment in classes or a certification course for a “niche” area of your field. For example, enrolling in a school of criminal justice can help you really focus your career in law.

  6. Freelance

    Some fields lend themselves nicely to freelance work. Legal professions, education degrees and business managers can offer up their skill set on social platforms like LinkedIn to pick up side jobs in their line of work. And, with freelancing, you can set your own schedule and pick and choose the jobs you’d want to take.

Even though the job market might look dim, there are ways to boost earnings without learning an entirely new skill set. These tips can help get you started.

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