Six Ways to Stay on Budget When Buying Furniture

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Whether you’re furnishing an entire home or want to update a single room, finding the pieces you need can be expensive.

Looking for sales and buying secondhand are options, but there are ways to get new items while staying within your decorating budget.

Want to stretch your dollars so you can create a look you’ll love?

Check out these six ideas on how to save money while shopping for furniture.

  1. Wait Until the End of the Month

    Furniture store staff often work on commission and have monthly or quarterly sales quotas to meet. Salespeople may be more willing to negotiate on price in order to meet these goals. Shopping for a new couch or dining room set at the end of these periods can sometimes result in discounts up to 20%. Depending on what you need, this savings may make it possible to purchase additional pieces.

  2. Use Financing Options to Receive a Discount

    While most experts will tell you to steer clear of store credit cards, they can offer ways to save money on bigger purchases like furniture. Many stores offer a discount to customers who apply for financing. The trick to this is to avoid paying interest. Consider opening an account for the savings and then immediately pay off the balance.

  3. Pick Up the Items Yourself

    Retailers usually offer several delivery options for furniture, ranging from front-porch drop off to more expensive in-home setup. While the costs can vary, stores usually charge extra for this service. Try renting a moving vehicle and recruiting friends or family to help instead. Rewarding them with pizza and drinks will be much less expensive, and you’ll get to enjoy the added bonus of spending time together.

  4. Purchase an Entire Set

    Rather than buying individual items for a living room or dining area, you can sometimes save money by buying a coordinated set. These combinations usually contain multiple pieces, such as a matching sofa, loveseat and coffee or end tables. When you purchase the entire group at once, the price can be several hundred dollars cheaper than getting them separately. It’s also an easy way to ensure a cohesive design.

  5. Turn Down the Extended Warranty

    Choosing an extended warranty can add quite a bit to the cost of your furniture. When you consider the terms that dictate what the warranty includes, the hefty expense often provides minimal coverage. Since most pieces come with a manufacturer guarantee against defects, you can have confidence in the quality of your purchases without paying extra.

  6. Buy Display Models

    Customers like to see furniture before making a decision to buy. Retailers often sell the tables, chairs, and other items they display in their showrooms to make space for newer products. Many places offer these floor models at a discount, especially if they are the last pieces in stock of a style. Although people may have tried the items, they’re usually still in excellent shape and can be a great way to get a bargain.

These simple tips will help you stretch your budget, making it easier to afford new, high-quality items. The next time you’re looking to upgrade the look of your home, give one or more a try and see what works for you. With a little extra effort and planning, you can get incredible deals on furniture and decor in the styles you love.

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