Skilled Worker Program – How It Has Become a Gateway into Canada

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If you are a skilled worker and looking for an opportunity to try your skills abroad, then Canada may offer you the perfect chance to do so.

The federal government has a program for immigrants who are seeking an opportunity to settle in the country.

Canada welcomes individuals based on their ability to participate as well as boost the economy of the country.

People with special skills can now immigrate through the Express Entry in the Federal skilled worker programs 2017.

  • Eligibility for entry

    The government has set some pretty standard requirements for workers who are trying to enter the country by virtue of merit.

    For this you must:

    • Possess a minimum of one-year work experience at a full-time or part-time job that totals to an equal number of hours (approximately 30 hours in a week).

    • Have a job that pays. Internships and volunteer work that does not pay are unaccounted for.

    • Have work experience in the same job as for which you are applying abroad.

    • Have experience of working within the last ten years.

    • Meet the minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) 7 criterion.

    • Appear for and clear a language test sanctioned by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

    Possess an education credential from an equivalent foreign University or possess a Canadian high school degree or diploma or even a post-secondary certificate.

  • Selection procedure

    Once you have cleared the minimum eligibility criteria, your request will then get evaluated, and it has to comply with the factors laid down in the system.

    These factors may include:

    • Your talents in spoken and written English or French or even both

    • The level of education you possess

    • Your relevant work experience

    • Age you are applying at

    • A legal job offer

    • Your ability to adapt

    A valid proof of fund that states that you are financially capable of supporting a stay in the country both for yourself as well as any dependent that you will be bringing into the country.

  • Principal applicant

    If you or your partner (either married or live-in) both are eligible for entry as skilled workers, you must decide amongst yourself which one of you will apply as the principal applicant.

    A married partner (both sexes) needs to have lived with one another for at least a year. You need to go through the selection factors and determine which one of you is more qualified for applying for the Express Entry as a principal applicant.

You will find Express Entry portal on the official website where you can submit your profile. You need to create a profile under the skilled worker program.

Upon submission of this profile, it will be evaluated and then determined whether or not you meet the minimum criteria for entry into the country as a skilled worker.

If your profile meets the eligibility requirements, you will then be further placed along with other eligible candidates and evaluated based on several factors. Once this evaluation is over and your profile is shortlisted, you will then be invited to apply for a permanent residence.

You must, however, understand that successfully completing and meeting the minimum eligibility criteria does not guarantee a citizenship through the skilled worker program.

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