Smile, don’t bark, in tough times – Harvard Business Review

Saturday, October 24, 2009, 2:06 PM | 5 Comments

I read an article online on Harvard Business Review website under the heading “Smile, Don’t Bark, in Tough Times.” It talks about how to behave with and treat your employees in tough times as we are all going through them now.

Whether on the individual and family level or the institutional level, the crust of the article is you will create a friendly and more productive environment than if the senior managers and the heads of the families act grouchy and frequently with anger.

The article talks only about employers and employees and how the managers should behave. We can apply the same research that was done in the University of Amsterdam on the individuals and families alike. This is yet another reason why managers and family heads should learn to fine-tune their emotional reactions.

In a Nutshell
Do we need to be good managers and not let the tough times get out of control? Of course, we do. Do we need to be good parents and not let the tough times get out of control? Of course, we do – more than anything in the world. In either case, we must control our emotions and be helpful to others especially to our family members.

Read the full article “Smile, Don’t Bark, in Tough Times.”

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