So, You Want to Sell Your Car to a Dealership

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A car is an asset. As with all assets, you can decide to sell it for whatever reasons. You might be in need of some money and you do not want to take a loan, or you want to upgrade your ride. In the latter scenario, you sell your vehicle, boost the money you get and buy another.

The issue is how to sell it. Do you do it privately? You know, stick a ‘FOR SALE’ sign with your contact information somewhere strategic on the car and wait to be contacted by interested buyers? You could put out an announcement on your social media platforms or pay for a small advertisement in your local daily.

How about a car dealership? So many of them deal in used cars and you can bet that it is people like you that stock them up. If you do not want to do the legwork, look up car dealerships by typing their name on the search bar, for example, Vic Bailey VW, and you can begin negotiations.

Here is what you need to know:

  1. How much is your car worth?

    You need to do some digging to find out the worth of your ride. No, you cannot walk around it, head cocked to one side and decide on a random figure. It could be more, in which case you would be stealing from yourself. It could be less, in which case you would be too ambitious.

    Get acquainted with the sources that you can approach for an evaluation. You could also make comparisons with other cars of the same make and year and ensure that its servicing is up to date.

  2. Do repairs

    If you can get it fixed, get it fixed. Any dealership you present your vehicle to will have a mechanic on standby to inspect it and they will be looking for flaws they can use as a bargaining chip. So, have it checked beforehand and get the faulty brakes adjusted, the brake lights fixed and that oil leak fixed.

  3. Sell a clean car

    Have it polished and waxed or even have it steamed. Have it looking spic and span, never mind the cliché. Everybody likes a clean car and seeing as you are looking to sell and get a good price, you have more reasons than most to want a clean car.

  4. Get the dealers into a competition

    Whether you are buying or selling, it is always best to check out a few dealerships. Play around with their offers and let them know who has offered a better deal; see if they can top it. When you have squeezed them for all their worth, go for the best deal.

  5. Keep your expectations real

    When you sell to a dealership, you know they are going to resell it for a profit. They cannot offer a price that will not fetch them a profit. One thing in your favour is that the dealer will most likely have ready cash to pay upfront. A private buyer might want to pay in bits.

Selling to a dealership definitely has a lot of pros, especially if you do not have the time to hunt around for a buyer. Checking dealerships like Vic Bailey VW and others may work to your advantage and you will get the cash you need in good time.

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