So You’re Getting Married: The Next Big Decisions in Your American Dream

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Getting married is one of the biggest decisions in life, and will alter every aspect of both you and your spouse’s future. Between deciding where to live, to choosing how large your family will be, there are several decisions that must be weighed to determine how your lives will look.

So You're Getting Married The Next Big Decisions in Your American Dream

  • Careers

    For two people merging their lives, their careers can dramatically affect their marriage if their schedules conflict, or require them to travel. It’s important to discuss each person’s career goals and if one parent will stay home after having children. By having a plan, it will create clear communication and make it easier to transition when it’s necessary.

  • Residence

    Whether staying in an apartment for a few more years, or planning to buy a home in the coming year, review your financial situation with your spouse and possibly talk to a financial planner. Whether you’re in the market for luxury homes for sale, or a modest home for a family just starting out, it’s important to agree on the type of place you’ll reside, as well as the city that it’s in.

  • Family

    Each couple must discuss children at some point in their relationship, preferably before they head down the aisle, to ensure that they both have the same perspective of the size and type of family that they want to have. It’s important to consider each other’s backgrounds, and compromise should one partner prefer three kids, and the other want only two. This will ultimately determine the type of home you purchase, and the neighborhood in which you live in.

  • Finances

    Because money is one of the leading causes of divorces for couples, it’s important to create a plan. Merging two salaries can be a challenge for newlyweds, making it crucial to look at the numbers. Many couples prefer to have their own separate accounts, and simply divide their expenses down the middle, while other couples put all of their money into one account. Similarly, discuss how much money will be spent on each expense, and allow each spouse to have their own money to spend on whatever they prefer to avoid potential arguments. Decide how much money will be saved each month, as well as an amount that can be allocated for debt.

Although marriage is one of the most life-altering decisions you’ll ever make, there are several important decisions that will quickly follow, making it important to have clear communication with your spouse to ensure a smooth and successful life together.

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