Social Media Predictions That Experts Can Use In 2017

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With the increased interest of people in social media and networking, a number of developers have got the motivation to introduce new applications now and then.

The craze is so much that before one can get his/her hands on one particular application, another one comes up with new features and options.

Witnessing the trends of the social media popularity, many experts have predicted some of the most interesting points that can be highly useful in the year of 2017 and the next.

Some of the predictions assumed by such experts are explained here.

  • Vanishing content

    Snapchat, a few years back, came up with its vanishing content or expiring content feature. Though it was not a very useful feature for the users on the basis of personal conversations, it is predicted to be a great hit, in terms of online marketing.

    People have a tendency of getting attracted towards things that have a lower expiry time. Hence, it is sure that the companies posting discount offers and other advertisements through such expiring content can be highly demanding.

  • Live video

    Facebook started its live video option that has been appreciated in a number of ways. Though now, the users are using the live video feature for fun at the moment, this feature can be very useful for the advertisers.

    The launch of a product by a company can be seen by its customers also through the option of the live video. Of course, when the customers will have a view of the attractive launch of the product, they will get more attracted to it in comparison to reading about the product later on in the reviews.

  • Growth of mobile usage

    It has been noticed by a number of experts at that the usage of mobile phones has crossed desktop usage last year.

    There was a time when developers took smartphone applications as an added benefit. But, with the increasing demand for mobile devices, it can be said that soon smartphone applications will be ranked on first priority and then the desktop websites.

  • Automation software

    Automatic control is the new technique that many of the experts are using in order to maintain the interaction level with the customers in proper time. With the passing time, the amount of data is increasing.

    Previously, automation technique was not used for all purposes. But, now, it is predicted that in order to get more proper marketing benefits, the use of automation software will go high.

    One of the most important platforms through which such benefit can be gained is the social media.

The use of social media is of course rising. Also, the SEO experts or the business owners are taking full advantage of these social media platforms for the online advertisement method. But, with the onset of the year 2017, a number of changes and improvements in the trend have been noticed.

Based on such changing trend, such predictions have been made that may get carried on for the next few years or so.

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