Some Handy Tips and Tricks for Finance Graduates

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In today’s competitive world, nothing has an easy road anymore. If you are a fresh finance graduate looking out for a fulfilling graduate scheme, you need to keep several important factors in mind. That will give you an edge over all the other applicants who are vying for the same job as you are.

However, one of the advantages of applying for a graduate scheme as opposed to a job is that the company will be hiring a batch of many people and not just filling a vacancy of one or two spots.

So what are some of these tips that could help you in achieving your ambition?

  • Basic requirements for Graduate schemes in finance

    Before starting out your applications, keep in mind that there are a few stages that you will have to go through.

    Firstly, submit your CV and application form. Remember to keep them well structured. As for the answers on the form, try and make them as unique as possible. A lot of applicants take the easy way out and copy paste generic answers. Most of the times, that’s not what employers are looking for.

    This will be followed by an SHL testing. If you cross that hurdle, there are usually a couple of interviews out of which at least one is face to face. There is also an assessment done through group activity where you usually have to demonstrate team spirit and leadership qualities.

  • Preparing for the interview

    Companies selecting students for graduate schemes have already created a few criteria beforehand. The interview is to determine whether you meet these or not. It is vital to prepare well for the interview before. Any experienced selection panel will be instantly able to determine whether you know your stuff or whether you are just ad libbing it then.

    Research the company and its work thoroughly. This doesn’t just mean going through their website and looking at some of the basic stats. Look them up in detail, find out about theor businesses, targets, clients, other projects, etc.

    Show that you have always been interested in finance, by talking about activities that you were involved in like finance programmes and fellowships in college, trading games etc. Demonstrate a passion for why you want to be part of the graduate scheme. Talk about the world and how events have a cause and effect relationship to the financial world.

  • Pitfalls to avoid

    There are a few absolute no-nos about what to do at the interview for the graduate scheme you are applying to. Make sure you avoid these and follow the rule to the letter.

    Firstly, do not turn up in casual clothing. You don’t need to wear a complete suit, but you have to look neat and smart.

    Secondly, always be courteous with everyone at the office, including the receptionists. Don’t reserve your Sunday school behaviour for the employers only. Always remember that first impressions and a pleasant manner can go very far. Don’t just bank on your stellar CV to push you though.

    Also, make sure your CV is truthful to the letter. Don’t put in skills that you don’t possess. This is because you might be asked to back it up or demonstrate it during the interview and then if you can’t, you might as well kiss your chances goodbye.

These are just some of the things that you need to keep in mind while applying to your choice of Finance graduate schemes. The main point is to work hard at it, be honest and to be respectful at all times.

About the author

Jennifer has been on the graduate scheme selection panel for a few famous financial corporations. Over the last ten years she has played a vital role in selecting fresh talent for companies. When she is not interviewing, Jennifer likes to go sailing with her husband and teenage son.

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