Stickers are Powerful and Affordable Brand Building Tools for any Kind of Business

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Having the best products and proper marketing infrastructure together with competitive pricing is essential to keep the business afloat but whether these are just enough to make it flourish is a big question.

While these techniques might help to generate minimum income, the sales figures would never make you happy. You realize that you are not utilizing the full potential of the business and something is lacking.

If the situation continues for long, it will be hard to sustain and a time would come when you have to call it quits.

So, what element of marketing really lacks that prevents the growth of sales so essential for business growth?

The answer is that you have not paid attention to branding. You have not taken steps to create a brand for your business that connects to the products and become easily recognizable to customers.

By looking at the brand, customers should be able to quickly relate it to the products or services as well as the company that markets it.

It is the brand that becomes the face of business and synonymous with the products and services that come along with it. Therefore, the branding and marketing activities should go hand in hand.

As a business owner, you must not only know the techniques of marketing but also how to establish the brand and add value to it.

Familiarizing customers with the brand is the first step to take for which you have to ensure high brand visibility. When customers constantly see the brand, it gradually sinks into their minds and connects them to it that helps to recall it easily.

  • The power of brand visibility

    By ensuring high visibility of the brand which in marketing jargon is known as brand visibility, you send across a powerful message to customers that convey the goodness of products and explain why they should choose your products over others.

    Higher brand visibility encourages customers and motivates them to look closely at the products together with the brand attributes. The better you are in gaining brand visibility higher are the chances of the brand becoming a household name.

    The standard method of branding consists of advertising the brand through various channels like television and broadcast, online marketing, home media and other advertising methods. The objective is to sink the brand into the subconscious mind of customers by bombarding it with repeated brand messages in whichever form possible.

  • Affordable advertising with stickers

    Advertising can be costly, and not all businesses can afford it, especially small businesses. On the other hand, branding is essential regardless of the size of business.

    So, how do small businesses spread the brand message at affordable cost across the customer base they target?

    Using stickers to familiarize customers with brands is an easy and affordable way to take the brand to customers with minimum spending.

    Stickers are long-lasting, and the low cost per impression makes it a powerful marketing tool that aids branding. The low-cost marketing medium can add significant value to business provided you know how to adapt it to your business.

  • Stickers draw attention

    The success of stickers depends on the design and the sticker material that ensures high visibility. Since stickers are usually small in size, the design has to be amazing to draw the attention of viewers. The colors and the layout should have a strong visual appeal that compels viewers not only to take note of it but also remember it for many days.

    By displaying the brand on stickers, you take the brand close to customers who would remember it for the quality of artwork and design.

    You can use a logo to represent your business that later becomes the brand just like Apple, Coke, Adidas, and Nike but to introduce a new brand just with the logo might be a challenging task. Instead, think of some other creative design options that can have a deep impact on viewers and help to identify the business or brand that goes with it.

    Sticker designs can be inspirational or entertaining, and you must give a reason to people to agree to display the stickers. Complement the logo with suitable images to create attractive designs that leave a deep impact in the minds of viewers.

  • Stickers ensure high visibility

    Although stickers are usually small in size, it can help to gain high visibility round the clock. Technology has made it possible to keep stickers glow the dark that ensures its uninterrupted visibility. By using reflective stickers that have the property of reflecting when light falls on it, you can increase the usual visibility by many more times.

    These stickers use silver stock that has high reflective properties, and the stickers become luminescent at night when light falls on it. This type of stickers is mostly used on moving vehicles and helmets of motorcycle riders although you can use it at any other place that suits the needs of advertising.

    When designing these stickers, avoid using dark colors as it absorbs light and would defeat the purpose of high visibility.

  • Stickers stick for a long time

    By choosing the right material for stickers, it is possible to ensure its long life because once you place a sticker, it will not give off on its own unless you remove it.

    The quality of printing is also quite durable that retains the shine and appeal which creates attraction. Long lasting stickers mean you gain more mileage in visibility as more people would be able to see it.

    The return on investment on stickers is much more time than what you spend in printing it. Sticker adhesives have special qualities that keep it adhered to any surface for a long time, and its removal is also not always easy which increases the chances of stickers remaining in place for many days and even years.

Stickers are highly effective branding tools and suitable for all kinds of businesses. Even non-profits can use stickers to spread the message or create awareness on some issues by using stickers. But above all, the design has to speak for the brand.

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