Stop Shopping Frenzy And Live Debt Free

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December seems to be the month of shopping madness. Jesus Christ is the basis for Christmas. He lived a simple life – never had enough to give someone a gift except the gift of preaching. His followers are known ordinarily as Christians – if I can use the word. Long were the days when Christmas was celebrated for Jesus.

These days, nobody remembers Jesus Christ when folks go out and buy gifts not to celebrate Christmas the way they should but to celebrate and satisfy their humongous ego and in turn create debt in their lives.

According to the National Retail Federation (NRF), holiday sales are expected to increase 4.1% this year to $586.1 billion – the most since the recession began in 2007. NRF says the average holiday shopper will spend $750 on gifts, cards, decorating and other stuff.

Many of the folks spending the average amount can’t even afford it and they will realize it when they receive and look at their credit card bills.

Frenzy is defined as:

“A state or period of uncontrolled excitement or wild behavior.”

That’s totally against the teachings of Jesus.

Many personal finance advisers will tell you to save money, first make a list, set a budget, do comparison shop, etc. These days they will even tell you what kind of apps to use, social media and the whole bunch of technological ways to save money.

The so-called finance gurus would tell you to use coupons and search for coupon codes. And so you can spend more, they would tell you to start shopping early.

However, they forget the most important aspect of the holiday shopping frenzy. They have to look at the whole thing with a birds eye, at the top looking down. Would Jesus Christ approve of it? After all, the holidays are celebrated in Jesus name.

Very few people realize what Christmas is about…

Buying and sharing gifts is one thing but the frenzy people go through is madness at its minimum. Whatever happened to the simplicity that Jesus lived on this earth?

If Jesus came to America right this moment and see the craziness of the holiday season, I am sure Jesus would be pissed off at the so-called followers known in the world as Christians.

People impress others with money they don’t have…

Why should folks try to impress others with money they don’t have? That can be one of the biggest reasons why so many people keep stepping into the debt shit all their lives.

If they stop making a fool of themselves and quit copycatting others, a big part of their financial life will not accrue debt. Try not being a copycat. I am sure you would like it when you stop being copycat. You would feel at ease with yourself.

In a Nutshell
People seem to have forgotten the message of Jesus Christ of living a simple life, free of debt and free of interest of excessive proportion as in usury. The interest some credit card issuers charge can only be considered usury.

Wal-Mart Black Friday Fighting Over Phones During 2012

It’s human behavior at one of its worse moments, better known as Black Friday. That is disgusting. Sometimes I think many folks deserve to be in debt for the rest of their life.

People lose their sense of dignity. And just for a stupid phone – when you watch the video – as if someone can really need a fucking phone that bad. Ordinary folks like me and there are millions of us who don’t really need useless crap like having Internet with you 24/7.

If you are a big investor and are afraid you will lose on Wall Street if you don’t go online and do something about it to avoid the big loss, then you might need Internet access 24/7. Other than that it’s useless fucking crap.

Watch the video. Do you think Jesus Christ would have approved this frenzy?

Nobody believes in the teachings of Jesus any more during the holiday shopping frenzy. It seems they are dogs and cats fighting over a bone. They sure seem to act like it.


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