Study Hard: Six of the Most Financially Beneficial College Majors

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In today’s economy a college degree is necessary to compete in any job market. Even jobs that do not necessarily require a degree will be filled more often by a college graduate than by someone with only a high school diploma.

However, in order to be really competitive in the job market, there are definitely some degrees that are better than others, and there are also certain jobs that pay a lot more than others.

Employers are looking for specific skills, and they will pay for them.

Graduation Money

Here are some of highest earning degrees for today’s job market:

  1. Pharmacy

    Just like other jobs in the medical field like nursing and physical therapy, pharmacists are in high demand. It takes a lot more than a simple certification to handle prescription combinations and dosages. Pharmacists can expect to earn around $70,000 a year starting out.

  2. Computer Science

    In this fast-paced world of technology, it comes as no surprise that those who can understand and manipulate computers and computer programs are among the highest paid. “Computer-based technologies are embedded in so many products, services, and systems that computer scientists have become highly valued and in demand in almost every industry across the world,” explains NJIT Online Computer Science Masters Program. Computer scientists can expect starting salaries in the range of $60,000.

  3. Engineering

    Engineers are by far some of the highest paid employees in the United States today. Salaries begin in the mid- $50,000s and work their way up, depending on the type of engineer you are. That is with only a bachelor’s degree. The great thing about the field of engineering is diversity. Whether you are interested in construction or medicine, there is a place in the engineering world for you.

  4. Physics

    Sound hard? That’s probably what makes this one worth so much. Demand for physicists is at an all-time high and graduates in the field are at an all-time low. If you are good at math and science, you could be starting your first job making about $50,000, and that number only goes up.

  5. Political Science

    This one come as a surprise? It shouldn’t. National, state, and local government sectors are always looking to hire the top graduates in this field. Graduates can also find work in the education and business communities. With a starting wage over $45,000, it is definitely the highest paid of the liberal arts disciplines.

  6. Finance

    Money does make the world go ‘round, and the better you are at managing it and making it work, the more you are paid. There are finance majors at work in just about every industry in the United States. The $45,000 starting pay isn’t anything to sneeze at either.

There are almost as many college majors out as there are students, and you can always find something interesting to study. However, all that studying is hard, and college isn’t getting any cheaper. Choose a major that is going to pay off when you finally get that diploma.

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