Summertime in Utah

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Utah is primarily known, at least in the world of tourism, for its astounding snow, which is among the best in the world for skiing. However, the great times in Utah certainly aren’t regulated to just the winter season.

In summer, especially, the entire state is full of unique and interesting things to do, with enough variety that any type of person could find something that they loved about being here.

One great thing about Utah is that its capital city, Salt Lake City, is a great town to visit no matter what time of the year it is. Salt Lake is a town with excellent food, vibrant nightclubs, and a populace that is devoted to making the city an incredible place to live.

However, the fun certainly doesn’t stop at the borders of the city.

Here are some of the incredibly fun things to do while on summer vacation in Utah…

    Monument Valley Landscape

  • Amazing day trip locations

    If you only have a day to head out and explore the incredible bits of nature that Utah has to offer, the hard part won’t be trying to find something worth doing, it will be trying to narrow down all of the incredible places to go.

    Utah has a remarkable amount of day trip destinations that are all within several hours of each other. For the casual or hardcore wildlife enthusiast, Antelope Island is a great place to camp and check out the local species of bison, as well as a hub for tens of thousands of different species of birds to migrate through every year.

    For those who prefer to be by a lake that isn’t full of salt, Bear Lake, on the border of Utah and Idaho, is a beautiful destination with tons of gorgeous scenery, and a lake that was practically made for boating and swimming.

    For more information about some of the incredible day trips that Utah has to offer, check out this helpful blog post here.

  • Salt Lake City overview

    Salt Lake City overview in the night

  • Salt Lake Film Society

    Cinephiles have plenty of reason to rejoice, in Utah. Although Salt Lake City might not have a reputation for being a film hub of the world in the way that LA or Chicago might be, it certainly deserves one.

    The Salt Lake Film Society is an organization that is devoted to bringing an incredible variety of film viewing experiences to Salt Lake. From the latest selection of indie hits at the Broadway Theater, to a restored viewing of an old film at the Tower Theater, SLFS is a huge asset that not enough people take advantage of.

    Another incredibly fun contribution by this organization is Summer Nights at the Tower, where they show late night screenings of classic cult films on 35mm film prints.

  • Bright Starry night with a Milky Way over the canyon

    Milky way over the canyon Lake Powell Utah Landscape at night

  • Twilight Concert Series

    For music lovers, a great concert is one of the pinnacles of in your ideal Saturday night. However, concerts are something that can get very expensive, very quickly, especially if you are going to one every week.

    However, during a summer in Utah, there is a great way to see awesome bands every week without breaking the bank: the Twilight Concert Series. The Twilight Concert Series is put on by Salt Lake City, and is a weekly music festival that takes place in Pioneer Park.

    Although the $5 ticket price ($10, if you pay the day of) might make it seem like this concert series is small-ball stuff, the city has been able to pull in awesome bands in the past, such as Death Cab for Cutie, St. Vincent, and even Wu Tang Clan.

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