Supplement Your Income: How to Monetize Your Skills

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Next time you are wondering where you can that extra dollar from a side hustle, the answer should be: Monetize everything. But what does it mean?

Monetizing everything simply means turning things into revenue-generating items. In this case, “your everything” could be your hard-learned skills.

You’ve spent years trying to add skills to your portfolio but only put a percentage of it into good use.

This piece will show you ways that can help you monetize your skills and earn that extra dollar by the side.

Supplement Your Income: How to Monetize Your Skills

  • Be Precise on Your Skills

    You could do this the conventional way and note down what skills you have. Consider starting with the skills you are seamlessly good at followed by those that you are still perfecting. Further branch the skills into those that you could easily monetize and those that are still a work-in-progress. This list will surprise you by how many things you’ve learned over the years but have been under-utilized. You could also discover that you have skills that are in demand, but you never realized it.

  • Define Your Target Clients

    Your target clients are individuals looking for your particular skills and ready to pay for them. Ask yourself: Which of your skills add value to someone else’s life? It could be your ability to script down CVs and cover letters; perhaps your research skills on Carfax alternatives are on another level. You need to feel motivated and rewarded for the long hours you put in changing people’s lives using your skills. Look for a defined target market looking to use your skills in exchange for money.

  • Work out a Marketing Plan

    Now that you have defined your target market, how do you plan to connect with your clients? Luckily today, the internet is easily accessible with a broad audience. You could start by posting a few of your samples, links, and videos of your skills to attract the right audience. Include an email list for your clients to retain a long-term relationship with them. Be sure to communicate what you are selling.

  • Deliver Quality Work

    Your tenth client is as important as your first client. Be consistent and deliver quality work as you promised. Satisfied clients will always come back with new tasks or rather refer you to their friends.

There you have it! Four simple ways that will turn your skills into money. Remember to align your skills with what you love doing every day.

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