Surveillance Technology And Its Importance In Today’s World

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The supervision of a lot of information and humans with the aid spy cams in order to make them safe is has played a big role in Surveillance technology today.

Nowadays, many people need surveillance technology for many security reasons at their home as well as their business at large.

It is of great importance these days for security authorities to have knowledge of smart and sophisticated surveillance systems in the world we live today as it serves as a supplementary aid to the improvements in the better effectiveness of their duties because they will be dealing with sophisticated criminals and normal people out there.

Surveillance technology has gone beyond people and companies making use of nanny cams as a proactive approach to enhance the safety of their businesses. Nanny cam and spy cams used as surveillance monitoring systems is now kind of outdated and hence not much effective in reducing the rate of crime and treacherous activities that occur even in daytime and such is even less effective for improving performance of output.

  • China Massive Surveillance

    It s easier to say private information is isn’t private anymore, now in China and some few places in the world now make use of technology that monitor brainwaves of people.

    In “fondo”, employers now monitor employees brainwaves; meaning they are trying to read the emotions of their workers and staffs with the form of wireless sensors placed on the head of employees that record and transmit data for accessing and judgment purposes.

    AMI modules can now detect anomalies that include a person’s anger or depression and anxiety. The system is setup to help employers find out whose stress might particularly thwart or increase productivity.

    Sources had it that a particular Chinese company had made a profit of two billion Yuan using this technology since the year 2014.

    This Technology is been used elsewhere too for accessing fatigue and high speed train drivers and for monitoring patients in hospital especially those with mental disorder. But how do we regulate something like these?

    What if companies use such technology to abuse their power they have over their employees, for example; a company staff might be emotional, and therefore prompt for a situation or cases where employees will plead to their employers; “please am emotional don’t use my emotions against me”

  • The Social Credit Score Platform

    China has a social credit score, a cloud core based on your criminal record, donations to charity, how many video games you buy, your royalty to political parties and so on, and even your friends social credit score, so that everyone has a score on social interactions.

    As a result of this muddle, the Chinese government claimed they are trying to build trust with the score, but simple cases can be more sinister. Yes, this is so because it will be impossible at times to regulate for everyone’s opinion or actions, not all opinions and actions are legitimate.

    Today China is using all of this information to turn people into envisaged entity. They are really trying to predict political instability using feeds and some spy cameras, phone usage, travel records, and religious orientation and extracting the negative consequences by tapping into personal data and picking information from probably the weaker and predominantly populations and which today is seen as a predisposition.

    It won’t be a surprise if people begin to protest against such technology, since it can prevent people from things like; attaining a plane ticket, securing a job, and keep you trapped in a system, tracking every arena, personal and professional record, political trends and so on. This technology is helpful if its pro-social angle tool is used in accordance for justifying a purpose or need.

  • Surveillance Technology Importance For Ethical Investigation

    From the above study, Surveillance technology can help acts as a monitoring system in homes or social places where information from footage is required to gather some information about the behavioral patterns of a particular subject. We have seen hidden cameras placed in psychiatric hospitals, kindergarten schools, pubs, casinos and so on.

    If we can manage our surveillance techniques properly, we need not to worry about creating robots in the nearest future ahead, because even going to bed at night is capable of been monitored with surveillance technology for any danger coming ahead with an alert alarm to notify. Actually, this is a real comfortable way of doing an investigation in today’s world since you are spying without a subject’s awareness and at the same time making living smarter.

  • It Helps Reduce Or Avoid Losses From Criminal Activities

    When you have a separate warehouse in your company building or a building to house your surveillance system, you will have greater results in detecting a breach in any section of your company. With the introduction of the NEC’s NeoFace Watch solution which is specifically designed to integrate with existing surveillance systems by extracting faces of people in real time from existing video surveillance systems and matching against a watch list of individuals.

    The NEC’s NeoFace technology provides the fastest, most accurate matching capability in that when the machine identifies a suspect from the watch list, it will raise an alert so that appropriate actions is taken rapidly to reduce the risk of public safety threats.

  • Surveillance Technology As Tool In Protecting Life And Property

    Technology has gone beyond placing wireless nanny cams at your home and in companies / building for safety or precautions for safety from injuries especially in the high-risk workplace.

    The New Photuro and Mantis Vision Israeli surveillance technology; which is the first ever three dimensional photography technologies made from high-tech companies. It contains up to 22 cameras with high-quality lighting.

    When you have suspected criminals that you would like to arrest, you can create a 3D database with the 3D cameras. It has all the in-depth information, meaning that from the image itself you can get the exact measurements and description of a person.

    When you capture anyone in 3D without them needing to be motionless, it can get the height, width, thickness of the palm. This device can also capture the face and entire body of a person and take a biometric signature based on this information.

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