Sustainable Home Perks to Use on Your Own Home

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While some of the Hollywood starts flash around and spend tons of money and energy on their luxurious lifestyle, there are those who recognize the importance of sustainable living.

Lisa Ling hired an architect to make her an energy neutral home.

Daryl Hannah is a well-known green activist.

While you may not change the home you live in entirely, you may improve your ecological footprint by borrowing some ideas from these sustainable homes.

One of the best things about them is that they are budget-friendly as well.

    Sustainable Home Perks to Use on Your Own Home 1

  • Food

    The first thing that comes to mind is food. Organic, locally grown food is your aim. Every patch of land around your home can be used to grow your own food.

    Even the inside of your home can serve this purpose. While you may not be able to make this the only source of your food, you can reduce your costs a lot. Investing into a greenhouse will provide you with vegetables throughout the year.

    More ambitious people can consider building a fish pond or even growing a couple of chicken. It doesn’t take that much work.

    Of course, these are the options for those that have the space for this.

  • Energy

    First, keep the energy that you already spend to the lowest. This is achieved by insulation, responsible consumption and eco-friendly appliances.

    These are the things that every sustainable household has. The next step are the solar panels and wind turbines.

    Needless to say, investing in these energy sources pays off in many ways. A lot of people choose to install these systems on their own. This means that you need to visit a good tool shop and find everything you need, as sustainable living involves a lot of DIY.

  • Sustainable Home Perks to Use on Your Own Home 2

  • Water

    Water is recycled and harvested from the rain. The water that you use for showering and washing your clothes and dishes is cleared and used to water the plants in your greenhouse.

    Rain harvesting system can provide you with the majority of the water you need. This will cut down the yearly bills for water significantly.

    For this system to work, you need to make sure you have all the filters needed to avoid polluting the greenhouse with cleaning products you use.

    Perhaps you don’t have a garden to water or but you can build the system that will reuse that water for flushing. You can even build it yourself.

  • Comfort

    Some people have prejudice when it comes to sustainable living. Regardless of their thinking, it doesn’t have to be basic and cave-like.

    All the perks of modern life are still there for you to use. You use energy and water in a smart way and get hold of it in a way that doesn’t involve paying for it. This is true for fully sustainable households.

    Yours doesn’t have to be that way, but it will definitely benefit from some of these things.

Living free from bills, costs and credit rates is a dream come true for many people. Some of them even managed to pull this off and now they live fully sustainable lives.

However, this kind of life means changing all your habits entirely. For the time being, using the experience of sustainable living to save some money and improve your home will be enough.

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