Switch From Illicit Drugs to Medicare Fraud – Make More Money

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I have tried left and right, up and down, to make some money online from my blog and website. I have AdSense ads, affiliates, ebooks, Amazon and good content – at least some have told me so – and I have not been able to make more than 5 bucks a month.

Here are some people who make millions and millions each year and they don’t even have a website or a blog – not a single one – to keep us up to date. No marketing, no SEO, no genuine help to the needy, no ebooks, no nothing and they make millions.

aarp.org reported

These millionaires indulge their wildest whims – a private helicopter, Lamborghini sports cars, thoroughbred horses, even a “Pirates of the Caribbean” water theme park.

Who are these schmucks?

They are the schemers and scammers – I have frequently called them schmucks – who get their money from Medicare fraud. Who says crime doesn’t pay? Crime pays for these people.

Medicare Fraud

Medicare, in many cases, is literally the bloodline of our wiser folks with some of the best work ethics and hard work in recent memory. Those qualities, my friend, are on public record.

How the schmucks make money?

You know how some of these schmucks make money from Medicare? They, for instance, – the Benitez brothers of Miami (Carlos, Luis and Jose) – open up and operate fake storefront clinics and collect millions of millions dollars – in the brothers’ case $84 million – from Medicare for phony medical treatments.

Why has Medicare become money making machine for the schmucks?

According to aarp.org, Medicare frauds are often inelegant – but they’re outrageously lucrative and relatively low-risk. So lucrative, and so low-risk, the FBI reports, that a number of cocaine dealers in Florida and California have switched from illicit drugs to Medicare fraud.

How much does Medicare Lose?

Medicare loses billions of dollars to fraud each year. “Those billions of dollars,” said Eric Holder, U.S. attorney general, “represent health care dollars” that could be spent on medicine or care or hospital visits, “but instead are wasted on greed.”

What can be done about it?

I don’t know. I guess we have to leave it to the Departments of Justice and Health and Human Services to do something about it. I hope our tax money is at work.

In addition, Public-Private Partnership to Prevent Health Care Fraud has been established which is voluntary, collaborative partnership.

Senior Medicare Patrol is also at work and teaches other Medicare and Medicaid recipients about how to protect themselves.

In a Nutshell
For some, making money is so easy. You open up and operate a clinic storefront, pull up a chair, pour a cup of coffee, push the start button on the money-making machine, and watch the money rolling in. Pretty soon, you will be making millions. Only in America, folks!

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