Talk for free with your loved ones overseas

Saturday, October 10, 2009, 7:43 AM | 1 Comment

About two weeks ago, we downloaded and installed Skype on our home computer. We asked our daughter who is studying overseas to do the same on her computer. She had bought a laptop which came with a video camera already installed integrated with microphone as well. Here, at home, in the United States, I bought a video camera for $19 that came with a microphone too.

SkypeWe have been using it for two weeks and it has been working beyond our expectation. Right now, I have only saved my daughter’s contact in Skype because I don’t know anyone else among our family and friends that has been using this software. Slowly and gradually we hope to increase our Skype contacts.

So we have four ways to contact others. 1) Cell phone family package from a national carrier, 2) Magic Jack connected with USB port, 3) Home phone package – FIOS – that includes Internet access and TV as well, and now 4) Skype to talk with our daughter overseas.

By the way, about a month ago, we didn’t have electricity for more than 30 minutes one afternoon. I picked up my home phone to call the electric company. Low and behold, the phone gave me a message in the small window “Cannot connect.” That was news to me. That message came with FIOS. The copper wire phone works even when there is no electricity.

We spent over a year in Washington D.C. area and we had installed Magic Jack phone and cable for TV and Internet. Since we moved back home to Massachusetts, we have the four ways of contacting with others.

Do we pay extra? Yes. I think we do. Once our phone, TV and Internet package expires with the national carrier, then hopefully we will do away with the home phone. The price they gave us will only last for a year, expiring in April 2010.

In a Nutshell
Skype is probably the best thing we did for communicating with our daughter. The best part is it’s free. We didn’t pay a dime except that I had to buy a video camera. We used to buy minutes from an online supplier and it cost us more than $100 a month to talk to our daughter. Now because of skype, it costs nothing, zilch.

So go ahead and download Skype and enjoy free communication with your loved ones overseas. Of course, at the other end, they have to have Skype installed too. The best part is, if both sides have video installed, you can see live video of your loved ones as well.

What do you think?

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