Ten Reasons Why Western Countries Will Get Technical Music with Google TV

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The news about Google TV has been hogging the headlines for the past couple of years. Described as a cutting edge alternative to the traditional cable and satellite TV, Google TV had built up a lot of anticipation prior to its launch. Now that people have started using it, they have nothing but praise for it.

Google has announced that it is going to launch its music services on Google TV in Europe. According to the official reports, Google TV with music is going to be released in France, Germany and the UK. A later launch would take place in Canada, Australia and other countries.

For now, it is almost a given that the European countries are going to get a music injection with Google TV.

Here are 10 reasons why this is expected to happen.

  1. Download Songs

    With the Google TV, users will now be able to download all the music they want to hear. Knowing Google, they would have found a way to keep updating their banks of songs on offer so that you can hear the latest tunes without delay.

  2. Great Prices

    You don’t have to pay through the roof to enjoy the music services on Google TV. There is plenty of competition already in the market through iTunes and other similar services. Hence, Google does not have the luxury of charging too much money for the music.

  3. The Feel-Good Factor

    There is no doubt that Google’s name carries a tremendous feel-good factor. It is one of the few brands that people actually feel attracted towards and are willing to use it. So, the launch of music services on Google TV in Europe is likely to attract many people.

  4. Local Flavour

    Google is going to offer different music content across the various countries in Europe through Google TV. The reason for this is the separate licensing agreements they have had to make. The focus is going to be on local music so people can get a local flavour in music through Google TV.

  5. Biggest Hits

    Google has promised that people are going to enjoy the biggest hits currently ruling the charts. The tech giant will look to offer the most popular songs doing the rounds at any time to make sure the people keep using the services.

  6. Eclectic Combination

    Google TV is a source of endless entertainment content. You can watch movies, TV shows and play games. Being able to listen to your favourite music is an added bonus which is going to get more people to subscribe to Google TV.

  7. Convenient Downloading

    You don’t need to work too hard to download your favourite songs through Google TV. Accessing the Google Play Store is all that is required for you to get through to the songs available for downloading.

  8. The Apps

    You can use the different music apps available on Android to find music content through Google TV. This is going to add to the convenience you already enjoy through the music services on the service.

  9. Use Multiple Devices

    People can download the music through Google TV on to any device they own and it will be compatible with all other devices. This is one thing Google has made clear in its statement. People can use multiple devices for downloading content through the music service on Google TV without hassle.

  10. Updates

    You have the option of tracking your favourite artists or genres of music through the music services. You will be notified of the new releases and the songs which are becoming popular on the charts. That way, you can stay up-to-date with the music scene.

The people love Google and Google TV as well. So, it would be no surprise if the music services on Google TV become a huge success across Europe and in the countries where they will be launched at a later date. This seems to be another area where Google has taken giant strides ahead of its rivals.

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