Test and Tag Electrical Service; Does Your Business Need It?

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Where electricity is concerned, safety is a top priority. Testing and tagging services are aimed at ensuring that electrical fittings and appliances are deemed safe for use, especially at the workplace.

It is a recommendation for new equipment to be tested before use. Thereafter, there is need for regular testing of the same equipment over its useful life.

So, for someone wondering if there is need to call test and tag professionals, well, the answer is a resounding yes!

  • Keep your employees safe

    People have the right to work in a safe environment, free of glaring dangers and hazards.

    By law, employers are also required to provide an electrically safe environment to their employees.

    Even more, most insurance companies demand that employers comply with such regulations before accepting to cover them.

    Electrical tagging ensures electrical equipment used at the workplace are safe for those operating them.

    Faulty appliances might result in electrocution or any other electrical accident, which can be fatal.

  • When to seek testing and tagging services

    Obviously, there is need for testing and tagging electrical services the moment an equipment is acquired by a firm, just before use.

    What happens thereafter? The frequency of testing after the initial service depends on a number of factors.

    For one, the type of equipment will dictate the interval of testing. There exist different classes of equipment such as cord sets, RCDs and power boards. Each one has to be tested at different intervals depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations as well as expert’s advice.

    In addition, the environment in which the equipment operates will also determine how often testing and tagging is necessary.

    Electrical equipment in workshops and factories require more frequent checking compared to hotels, hostels and other accommodation facilities.

    Boss Compliance electrician will easily help you figure out the right time to test the equipment after the initial services depending on the commercial setup.

  • What does it entail?

    Testing and tagging is a simple aspect if handled by the right professionals having all the necessary tools.

    The basic procedure involves visual inspection of the equipment to check for damaged and missing components.

    There is also need to assess insulation resistance to ensure all the parts of the equipment are sufficiently insulated.

    The electrician will also find out if the equipment is powered up. The testing procedure also involves checking for any incidences of earth leakage, testing of earth resistance and earth bond.

    Once the professionals are done with the testing process, they will tag a label indicating when the equipment was tested, who carried out the test, status of the test and what was tested. The tag will also give an indication of when the next testing is due.

    All the details have to be put down in an asset register. In case the item is deemed faulty, there will be records of action taken, whether it is repair or disposal of the equipment.

Carrying out the tests as indicated at the right time prevents possible damages and injuries at work. You will also improve efficiency at the workplace by responding promptly to any concerns as addressed by the professional.

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