The 3 most important ways to increase productivity

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Maximum productivity is reached by a combination of work ethic and productivity. It sounds simple however it’s an art to consistently do both at a high level.

If you manage to come close to your maximum productivity, it can have a profound impact on your success. Most people are nowhere near their maximum productivity, but the tricky thing is they often think they are, therefore they put a cap on their potential.

When you attain maximum productivity, it has a profound impact on your success. Most people are nowhere near it, but because they think they are, they are putting a psychological cap on their potential.

In order to truly improve productivity, you need to look at yourself under a magnifying glass. See where the areas of improvement are, then learn and adopt effective habits. It is important to priori-se the most important habits.

Over the years I have built my company I have come to realize that the 3 habits below build a solid foundation to attaining long term productivity.

  1. Change your mindset

    The first step to improving productivity is to simply ask yourself “Am I making the best use of my time?”. The fact is most people don’t think in those terms, they are simply on autopilot.

    This is precisely why improving productivity is hard, because it takes a consistent effort, each and every day.

    There are many articles on productivity, just do a google search. The truth is, you can read articles and watch videos on productivity and its likely nothing will change, especially over the long term.

    You simply forget what you read or give up altogether. To truly see results you need to know exactly what to improve on, then take consistently action, day after day. When you work, think “productivity”.

  2. The 3 most important ways to increase productivity1

  3. Target your weaknesses

    Now you have the mindset, it’s time to uncover your weaknesses. It’s natural to avoid your weaknesses, especially on a day to day basis. However focusing on them is fundamental to improving productivity.

    Perhaps you overthink tasks, perhaps you are a perfectionist or perhaps you’re not organised. Dig deep down, be true to yourself and pick the flaw that is holding you back the most. My article “Learn your own way. The most underrated key to success” may help you discover your weaknesses.

    Research how to improve that weakness, then work on it every day. Don’t attack another weakness till you have sorted out this one. It may take you a month or even a year to sort it out, but once you do the effect on your productivity can be astounding.

  4. The 3 most important ways to increase productivity2

  5. Keep in good health

    Good health is one of the most underrated productivity hacks. You can learn all sorts of productivity tips but if you’re in poor health, you’re not going to reach anywhere near your potential. It’s like engineering a race-car with great suspension, bodywork and tyres but using an old knackered engine.

    Eat healthily, get enough sleep, exercise and do it consistently. Easier said than done. However if you get it right, you’ll have sharper thinking, more energy and a solid foundation to improve productivity.

  6. The 3 most important ways to increase productivity3

Productivity needs to be seen as a long term objective that needs regularly attention. All too often it is worked on for a few days then forgotten. Most people get it wrong, the question is will you be that person that does put in the long term effort? Only time will tell.

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