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In the world of broken laws, countless lawsuits and justice that tends to often be overseen, the key to protecting yourself from any damage befalling you or at least frightening against it if it already has, is to find a highly experienced quality lawyer who will have the knowledge required to understand your situation and fight for your best interest.

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  • What is litigation?

    The process known as litigation is the moment of a person/business/entity entering into a lawsuit, whether they are responding to it or have filed one.

    In order for a particular right to be enforced, lawsuits or “actions” are brought before the court and the process itself is a series of steps taken to resolve the matter; the resolution of the suit comes either through negotiations toward a settlement, or a court trial.

    As defined by Legal Dictionary, litigation is an action brought in court to enforce a particular right. The act or process of bringing a lawsuit in and of itself; a judicial contest; any dispute.

  • What is litigation process?

    Virtually any dispute between people or businesses, has the potential to result in the filing of a lawsuit. However, to establish whether a particular case would stand in court, you need to advise with your litigation lawyer and file a suit.

    These lawsuits progress in a number of steps:

    • Filing of Complaint / Answer to Complaint

    • Pleadings

    • Discovery

    • Settlement Conferences

    • Trial

    • Appeal (possibly)

    The litigation process is not a quick way to solve things as it can drag on from weeks to even years. Naturally, the parties may resolve the issue through an agreement, i.e. “settlement” at any point during the litigation process.

  • What is litigation support?

    A great deal of information can be handled through litigation management and experienced forensic accounting.

    Litigation support comes in a form of technology and project management with the litigation support specialists collecting, analyzing, and keeping gathered information organized and filed through various systems.

    Specifically, your litigation support is responsible for preserving all previously identified, collected and processed paperwork as well as audio and visual recordings (and other evidence) needed to make your case.

    To be presented at a moment’s notice at trial, all the information must be kept in order.

  • Are there various types of litigation?

    There are several types of litigation; each of the suits is agreeing with particular terms and the person/party filing it.

    Namely, the process of seeking a resolution of a dispute through a civil lawsuit is considered litigation, and each litigation process has its own specialized subject matter.

    Litigation 6

    • Civil Litigation

      Civil litigation does not seek criminal sanctions and is based on getting “refunded” for particular damages/harms done to the suing party. The refunds may come in form of money or an order requiring.

    • Business Litigation

      This branch is also referred to as “commercial litigation” and it revolves around a legal dispute regarding specific business transactions.

    • Securities Litigation

      A subsection of “business litigation,” securities litigation is a legal civil dispute arising out of securities fraud. Securities litigation often has a criminal counterpart, and is requiring a very specialized knowledge and skill set.

    • Patent Litigation

      This type of litigation is a legal dispute arising out of a patent infringement.

Litigation support comes down to the process of a litigation lawyer providing consultation and support services to attorneys to help them resolve their current and pending cases.

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