The Best Summer Fun Tips for Families on a Budget

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Summer has arrived! If you’re looking to have fun and save money this summer, why not try and save a few dollars on seasonal expenses instead of wasting your savings on summer activities?

Once you’ve tweaked the larger expenditures, you can get on to having the real fun.

Here are a few tips for a summer of fantastic adventures for families on a budget, including a few tips to help you save a few extra pennies.

The Best Summer Fun Tips for Families on a Budget

  • Hit the Beach

    Host your own sandcastle competition, rent a stand-up-paddleboard, fly a kite, get a game of beach volleyball going, watch an incredible sunset, or throw a frisbee while relaxing with the family at the beach. Cheap as free!

  • Picnic at the Park

    This one never gets old. Put a few tasty treats into a picnic basket and head to the park for a change of scenery and open-air environment.

    Stay up late and star gaze. Young kids love the opportunity to stay up after their bedtime. Make an adventure out of it and head out of the city, away from all of the light-pollution, to a place where you can more clearly see the stars.

    Pick a night with anticipated meteor showers and watch your kids make wish after wish on falling stars.

    Take it a step further and visit the library for picture book on constellations the week before the adventure begins and head out at night to point them out.

  • Venture into the Forest

    Camping is an incredible family experience that is relatively inexpensive, creates memories for a lifetime, and provides many practical teaching moments and opportunities to learn life skills, such as chopping wood, building fires, and caring for the environment while leaving no trace.

    It also allows the family to “unplug” from the usual day-to-day technologies and takes the focus off of the screen and onto each other, while enjoying the natural beauty of nature.

  • Summer of Sustainability

    Just because school’s out for the summer doesn’t mean all educational pieces have to be put on pause.

    Send your kids on a scavenger hunt of the house and ask them to make a list of creative ways they could save money.

    It could be a family day of remodeling to improve outdated and energy-sucking appliances or choosing to grill out by the fire instead of using the stove once a week.

    Then, take a look at your monthly household expenses and consider where you could save. For example, save on electricity this summer by using the extended daylight hours to your advantage and giving the light bulbs a rest for a change.

    Also, consider the importance of having your air conditioning repaired and/or inspected by an HVAC company to save money on the cost of replacement and to conserve energy.

Use these ideas as a basis to get started with an adventure-filled summer. For more ideas, get creative and expound upon your child’s interests. Watch a boat race, go canoeing, take a road trip, learn all about birds and go bird watching. The sky is the limit!

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