The Customer Advantage dot Com Might Make It Big

Tuesday, February 1, 2011, 2:03 AM | 1 Comment

The Customer Advantage (TCA) dot Com might make it big, in par with the more successful business known as Groupon. If it does a quarter of the business of the big brother from Chicago, I think it can claim some success. The Customer Advantage dot Com has been started by John Milanoski who is a seasoned serial entrepreneur. I became a member a week ago.

TCA Business Model

TCA is based on a similar business model as Groupon but whoever joins it will have the chance of making some money as an affiliate. It seems to be based on Multiple Level Marketing (MLM). Most folks who have tried MLM have faced failure at every level and have lost a lot of money. The difference is that membership in TCA is absolutely free and John says it will always be free. I have tried a few MLM businesses and have not been very successful. On the contrary, I have lost money. Folks who have joined TCA from the beginning will have a better chance of making money.

It has been said that only the top folks on the MLM pyramid can be successful. If you are at lower level than the middle in the pyramid, than you would be paying money every month but would not receive even half of that. You would likely be in the red, so to speak.

The last three years, I have stayed away and have shun MLM businesses. However, I joined The Customer Advantage program because it’s absolutely free, at least for now if not forever. So even if I don’t make money off of it, I would not lose it either.

John says joining TCA is without forced purchase structure, inventory or capital outlay. He says you will use your intellectual capital to create value and BE self reliant. That’s where it will get me. And the reason is like most citizens of the world “I ain’t got no intellectual capital to create the value that TCA demands.”

Intellectual or no intellectual, like I said before, it is free and as long as I keep at it, I have a chance of making some money. Being a dumb ass at best, if I made some money with TCA, well, I won’t be a dumb ass anymore, would I?

John! The intellectual part of your statement does not apply to me. There must be a way to make money with TCA. I hope I find a way to get some success with it. I like to raise my head sometimes, make it to the top, retire comfortably. I like to live between retirement from work and retirement from life with something in my name that I can call it my own. Would TCA help me retire financially secure? Who knows may be it will.

In a Nutshell
If you are like me and one of the millions and billions to try anything online in the hopes of making money when joining and working at it is free, then I suggest you do so and be a part of The Customer Advantage program. The earlier you join, the better chances you have to make some dough. Remember! It is MLM. That should make you skeptical.

Watch The Customer Advantage Videos, try to understand the business and if you like it, you can Sign Up. Did I say it’s free?

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