The Frugal Closet: How to Revamp your Wardrobe on a Budget

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Fall is coming so you probably want to switch up your style as you dust of your jeans and hang up your hoodies. Whether you want to completely change up your look or just add some new, fun pieces, it’s hard to do when you’re on a tight budget.

Here are some great ways to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

  • Shop thrift stores

    Thrift stores are not full of damaged clothing that should just go in a dumpster. If you’ve never shopped a thrift store, you’re seriously missing out.

    People donate nice clothes to thrift stores all the time. You’ll find clothes that didn’t fit, but the person already took the tags off, and sometimes, you’ll even find clothes with the tags still on them.

    Other stuff may have been worn quite a few times, but they’re still in great shape. You can find brand name stuff for a fraction of the price and fun, vintage pieces you could never find at the mall.

  • Shop leggings

    Leggings are an inexpensive way to add to an outfit. If your favorite jeans are full of holes, there is no need to throw them out. Find a pair of leggings with a bright pattern and put them on underneath.

    If you have some long shirts or dresses you’re bored with, find some new leggings to match and wear them together. Add a belt and you have an entirely new outfit.

  • Host a clothing swap

    The best way to revamp your closet on a budget is to find a way to do it for free. Everyone has clothing that they never wear. Get your friends together and have a clothing swap party.

    Everyone can bring clothes that they no longer wear, and everyone can mix it together and take what they want out of the pile. Whatever doesn’t get grabbed at the end of the night can go to your local thrift store.

  • Look for Deals

    One of the best ways to shop for clothes is to be on the lookout for special deals and offers. Utilizing clothing websites is a great way to revamp your wardrobe on a budget as it will allow you to save time and money from going to a local store. You can also take advantage of offers from coupons to help you save money on high quality clothes.

  • Repurpose old T-shirts

    With some scissors, a needle, and thread, you can do a lot with an old T-shirt. Aside from making rugs and bracelets, you can make completely new shirts and dresses. Give your old T-shirt a braided neckline or turn it into a cute halter. The possibilities are endless.

You don’t need a lot of money to get a new style. These are all great ways to revamp your wardrobe on a budget.

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