The Future of Steel Fabrication in Manufacturing and Construction

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Steel fabrication continues to be an integral component of the process of manufacturing.

From parts of planes to paper clips, it is used for the purpose of creating a wide range of products. It is an important step towards creating virtually everything, from pipes and car parts to tools and hardware.

Fabricated steel products account for a substantial percentage of shipments.

While fabricated steel products are a common feature, some people are not aware of how the fabrication process actually works.

Many people automatically think of welding whenever they hear about the metal fabrication process. However, welding is only one of the processes that are used by steel fabricators.

  • Shaping metals

    Fabricating metal is a manufacturing process that is used for shaping metals into end products or parts. Various techniques can be used to shape metals such as steel into a good or part. Sheet metal is often used in metal fabrication and converted into tools or products. Steel is shaped, folded, stamped or cut to create the final part.

    Examples of some of the products that are made through metal fabrication include car parts, equipment attachments, doors and windows, pipe fittings and pipes, cutlery, cans, screws, bolts and nuts and hand tools.

  • Mass consumption

    • Steel fabrication has played a major role in creating components for mass consumption.

    • Mass production of items such as pans, pipes, cutlery, cans and screws fall into this category. These types of products usually have consistent requirements along with a relatively wide tolerance for errors. This essentially means that the parts that can vary in minor ways from original designs but are still able to function according to expectations. Learn more at Metro Steel Fabrication Brisbane.

    • On the other hand, steel fabrication is also used to create a range of fabricated customized steel products. These projects typically entail designing and fabricating customized metals in accordance with a particular business need. Customized hardware, car parts and valves are some examples of this kind of project.

  • Different types of steel fabrication

    Different forms of steel fabrication fall within the end use of a product that is being fabricated or the kind of process that is used during the process of fabrication.

    A majority of steel fabrication falls into the following main categories:

    • Structural

    • Industrial

    • Commercial

  • Commercial

    Commercial fabrication involves work that is carried out while coming up with commercial products. This covers goods that are designed for consumers. Cars and appliances are both common products for consumers that utilise commercial products.

  • Industrial

    On the other hand, industrial fabrication creates the pieces that will be used in other types of equipment. Subsequently, this equipment is used for the purpose of manufacturing consumer goods. Most industrial fabrication products are used by manufacturers.

  • Structural

    Structural fabrication involves metalwork that is carried out as a component of the building process. Large scale projects usually facilitate the creation of metal components that are used for skyscrapers, buildings and by manufacturers and shops.

Every category uses a wide range of processes. Fabrication is one of these processes and depends on a combination of processes. Steel fabrication projects often require several steps, even when dealing with what can be considered as straightforward products such as pots and pans.

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