The Important Questions: What You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent First

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When you are looking to sell your home and/or buy a new home, it can be a complicated process.

You need to ensure that you ask your real estate agent the right questions so that you don’t run into any surprises or misunderstandings.

Here are some questions you need to ask your real estate agent before you sign on the dotted line.

The Important Questions: What You Need to Ask Your Real Estate Agent First

  1. What Are the Fees?

    First things first, you need to know how much your real estate agent is going to charge you for their services. Whether you’re buying or selling, knowing this information up front means that you can factor that into the final costs. You should also ask about any other costs that will come into play, such as closing fees. Don’t forget that it will cost you a significant amount to move, too. All these costs should factor into the price you put on your home.

  2. What Tools Do You Use to Sell My House?

    One of the most important things about selling a home is letting people know it is for sale. Ask your real estate agent how they plan to market your home. Open houses, online resources, local newspapers, and real estate agent networks can all be valuable avenues to pursue. You want someone who is going to put effort into getting people interested. Talk to a few different realtors to get a feel for the effective selling strategies in your area, and choose someone who will use them.

  3. How Often Will You Update Me?

    Whether there is progress or not, you should expect to communicate with your agent regularly. Talk to your real estate agent about how often they plan to reach out to you with updates. This way, you know what to expect. Typically, you should expect to be in touch either once a day, once a week, or whenever there is new information like buyers interested in a walk-through or an accepted offer.

  4. Will I Need to Make Any Changes or Updates?

    Most houses require some small changes to help make them more sellable. Usually these are primarily cosmetic. They include things like staging your home or doing some simple painting. If there are areas of your home that need some maintenance, your agent will probably recommend taking care of those before putting it on the market.

  5. What is the neighborhood like?

    The neighborhood you live in makes a big difference in how comfortable you will be in your home. It can also make a big difference in how your children turn out. You should ask about the school district and crime in the area. Look at trends in the neighborhood as well. It is a good sign if the neighborhood is up and coming. The agent should have all information readily available.

Moving can be a pain. However, the right real estate agent can make it tolerable. Ask these questions to get the right agent for you.

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