The More Money Bosses Make, The Meaner They Become

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One of two surveys shows that the higher the executives climb up the corporate ladder and the more money they make, the meaner they become in their attitude towards their subordinates, especially the so-called rank and file workers.

The other survey compares the boss’s meanness with that of, none other than, a psychopath who has been known to not feel hesitant to even kill another human being.

The More Money Bosses Make, The Meaner They Become

The research suggests that the disparity between CEOs’ compensation and ordinary workers’ [what the f*** is an ordinary worker] income increases, the former become meaner toward the latter.

In other words, when I said To get ahead at work, try annoying coworkers, I was not way out of line.

And then I identified the major characteristics of an asshole in the article Tips How Not To Act Like An A**Hole, I was in essence describing the BOSSES and their behavior with the “ordinary workers” as the research has labeled us. However, I forgot to call them psychopaths.

  • Is using the word ‘asshole’ better than psychopath…

    I used the word assholes for these executives and the research calls them psychopaths. Which is harsher? When I did the article, I was kind of afraid whether I should publish it or not.

    Because I thought to use the word asshole for these “bosses”, in my opinion, was unethical and immoral. But now I feel vindicated after reading these papers.

    Sital Ruparelia did an article 19 Steps To Screwing Up Your Career. I made comments that the author forgot one important step, namely the BOSS better known as asshole or psychopath.

    Only one person is needed to screw up your performance and that, my friend, is known as asshole all over the world.

    If some asshole executives turn out to develop the habits and characteristics of psychopaths, then what can you do about it?

  • The problem…

    The problem is and has been that the rank and file workers have not done anything about it. They can’t. Everyone needs a job. Everyone wants to put food on the table for the family. It’s hard to quit a job. They simply and quietly swallow the poison pill they deal with day in and day out.

    What the “ordinary workers” can do is nothing. That’s what they can do. F****** nothing, man! Now we know who the assholes and the psychopaths of the world are.

    Again, the problem is we can’t get rid of them. They are there from day one when you join the company and they are there when you leave the company.

In a Nutshell
May God bless the “ordinary workers” in the United States and all over the world. They have put up with assholes and psychopaths for too long. Looks like they will keep doing it. Looks like they have no choice.

Download and read the two research papers at the following sites:

  1. One paper in this asshole series is When Executives Rake in Millions: Meanness in Organizations. It’s written by Sreedhari Desai at Harvard, Jennifer George of Rice University and Arthur Brief of the University of Utah.

    According to the researchers, “Increasing executive compensation results in executives behaving meanly toward those lower down the hierarchy.”

  2. The second paper is Corporate Psychopathy: Talking the walk. It’s written by Paul Babiak, Ph.D., Craig S. Neumann, Ph.D., and Robert D. Hare, Ph.D.

    According to the three researchers, “the prevalence of psychopathic traits was higher than that found in community samples.

    The results of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) and structural equation modeling (SEM) indicated that the underlying latent structure of psychopathy in our corporate sample was consistent with that model found in community and offender studies.”

    We have to excuse the researchers for using a language that we – the ordinary workers – have a hard time understanding it.

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