The Solutions That Will Make Your Office Feel Like Home

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Day after day, many of us continue to work at offices that feel cold and sterile, with no personality.

However, our workplace is supposed to be our second home, isn’t it? After all, we spend most of our waking hours in this space.

Unfortunately, few people can boast that they do actually feel at home while working.

And an unpleasant, disorganized environment can be a source of a serious amount of stress, not to mention the negative effect it has on productivity.

As an employer, it is thus in your best interest to make the office feel more pleasant for your employees. This is a question of both interior design and office policy.

Here are a few tips on how to do it.

The Solutions That Will Make Your Office Feel Like Home

  • Adjust the temperatures

    Starting this list off with something simple but crucial, you would be surprised what a big effect the right office temperature can have on employee productivity. Unfortunately, everyone’s idea of the “right office temperature” varies, though. And it is difficult to feel at home when your fingers are freezing cold.

    The office temperature can become a topic of debate in the workplace, and to nip hostility in the bud, it might be for the best for you to enforce a set temperature that employees will be able to adjust to, instead of letting them change it back and forth.

  • A personalized environment

    As mentioned in the beginning, many offices are guilty of being cold and sterile. To make your employees feel at home, you should allow them to personalize their spaces to a degree. Encourage them to bring in a few personal items that will remind them of their home.

    Photos of their family, their children’s drawings, a personal piece of decoration, or simply a small plant – none of these is too distracting but can mean a lot in terms of making the employee feel more comfortable.

  • A warm interior

    Making the office interior less sterile does not end at allowing employees to bring in a few personal items. You should work on doing away with those cold, grey interiors that have no personality. Instead of metallic surfaces and stark white walls, try to incorporate warm tones such as wooden surfaces and some cozy textures.

    Rugs or carpets and colorful pillows, for instance, will instantly liven up the space. In addition, they will boost the comfort levels, too. Incorporating elements from residential interior design will bring the office one step closer to home.

  • Be more approachable

    Employees will never feel comfortable if they are unable to voice their opinions and problems. Therefore, you should encourage transparent communication in the workplace and let your employees know that you are always there in case they want to share their feedback. Not only will this make your employees feel happier and more empowered, it will also give you an insight into what you should change to improve the workplace.

    In addition, be more flexible and give your employees some sense of control, whether it is about their environment or their requests. Give them a day off when they need it.

  • Show appreciation

    In nurturing a positive environment, showing appreciation is of crucial importance. This goes both for achievements and for simple occasions such as birthdays. A small token of appreciation such as a gift card on the employee’s birthday will cost you next to nothing but it will make the person feel more positive about their workplace and simply more valued.

    Secondly, it’s very important to reward employees for a job well done. Working hard but not even getting a “good job” is extremely demoralizing, so make sure you have a reward system for hardworking employees. Other than giving out bonuses, it’s also possible that a salary review is in order. In these cases, it’s best to get in touch with professional HR consultants who will be able to point you in the right direction.

  • Health and safety

    Your and your employees’ health and safety are of the utmost importance. Your employees will never feel truly comfortable and at home in their office, if the premises are lacking in some safety aspect – this is especially true today, in the era of COVID-19.

    The changes that the current situation has brought forward are not only stressful but they can pose a threat to your employees’ physical and mental health. Showing that you truly care about them and making the necessary changes will make them feel at ease.

Every workplace is different and what works for one company might not fit the other’s company culture. However, there is no doubt that a pleasant atmosphere in your offices will make your employees happier.

A family-like atmosphere will boost their morale, motivating them to work harder. This is a healthy way to create a productive work environment where employees can thrive and feel fulfilled. So, work actively to make it happen!

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