The Soul Of Money

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When I was a kid, I used to hear from elders that there was a time when everything had a soul. I never understood my own soul let alone that of trees and all the living and not-so-living beings on this earth.

Come to think of it there is one such thing and that is called money which has the utmost soul, living or not. Money is one thing that breathes. So then it must have a soul.

The Soul Of Money

However, it’s us humans that give it a soul. When we use money wisely, we give it good soul. Wasting it and getting into debt shit deeply would create bad soul of the money. It is then our relationship with money that gives it life and in turn it gives us the livelihood that we live by.

So we make compromises with money: how we get it, how we use it, and how we give it to someone like charity, etc. We must find a new freedom and joy in relationship with money. Sometimes we just avoid even thinking about money for better or worse.

In almost all cultures and diverse geographic locations in the world, money can have a powerful grip on folks’ personal financial lives and for obvious reasons. Most people create a certain relationship with the surroundings they live in through the lens of money.

We must realign our relationship with money and be truthful and free which will enable us to live a life of consistent integrity with our deepest core values whether we are rich or poor, whether we have abundance of it or the lack thereof.

We must simplify our expenses, our budgets and our financial planning. We must live consciously and joyfully in our relationship with money so that we become unable to waste it.

Virtually everything in our lives is influenced by money.

Everyone seems to be interested in money. Most of the people fear that they will never have enough to keep it.

On the other hand, many live openly accumulating money as their primary goal in life.

The harder we try to get it or even ignore it, the tighter money’s grip on us grows.

When some folks get a large some of money, they act disturbed on the most part. They start drinking heavily, gambling and finally doing drugs. They do these nasty things just because they feel they can afford them.

Case in point: Some of the celebrities act very disturbed and we hear about them almost daily in the news.

Others, when they get money, they are inspired and grateful. And for them, one of the first thing that comes in their minds is charity. They feel they must share it with others.

Unfortunately, money has become a playing field where we measure our competence and worth as people.

If we stop striving for more money, we would feel rejected by the society and would lose our place in it.

If we don’t live at par with the standard of living that others have, we somehow feel left behind and we need to catch up. I guess that’s how we were raised.

In a Nutshell
Try to create good relationship with money and be a conduit to give it a good soul.

Stay away from unnecessary debt especially stay clear of bad debt.

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