Things Hiding Around Your Home That May Be Worth A Lot

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If you are like most people trying to make it in this tough economy, you might be looking for ways to make extra cash. Did you know that there may be things hiding around your home that may be worth a lot of money? You just need to know where to look to find these items and make some extra cash.

Things Hiding Around Your House That May Be Worth A Lot

  • Check Grandma’s Jewelry Box

    The first thing hiding in your home that may be worth a lot of money is your grandmother’s jewelry box. Check the contents carefully. While you may not find a huge diamond worth millions, you can cash in big time on your grandmother’s real gold and silver pieces even if they are broken or out of style.

    You can find a variety of places to sell these items. An expert from Paul Albarian & Associates, LLC, a company specializing in cash for gold in Burbank, recommends selling them to pawn shops or online gold buyers.

  • Look Way Back in Your Closet

    Take the time to thoroughly clean out your closets. Specifically, look for vintage pieces from your past. Since vintage clothing is in style right now, people will pay premium prices for authentic vintage pieces that you will probably never wear again anyway.

    You can sell these pieces online, to vintage clothing stores, or to consignment shops.

  • Take a Hard Look at Your Furniture

    If you have inherited furniture from your older relatives, you may have some hidden antiques on your hands. Look underneath the pieces to see if there are any markings to identify the maker.

    You can also call an appraiser who specializes in antique furniture to see exactly what your piece is worth. To get the highest price for your piece, you can enter it into an auction and hope for a bidding war to start.

    Antique lovers will pay lots of money for antique furniture, especially if it is in the original condition.

  • Pull Out Your Old Toys

    Did you know that there is a huge market for old toys? Tin and metal toys are bringing in top dollar. Old toys that are still in their original packages are great sellers.

    When you look through your old toys, look for pieces that are still in good condition, that have logos or brand names on them, or that are unique in some way.

    You might have a toy worth thousands of dollars that you can sell to a collector.

You never know what items are hiding around your home that could be worth a lot of money. Take your time and thoroughly inspect the items suggested here for a large profit.

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