Three Things Outside Social Media That Can Get Visitors to Your Website

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A business that has started off has hundreds of things to worry about. The most important of them is to get enough customers for its products and services.

Because of the huge jump in the time, people spend online; most new businesses go for a digital marketing strategy.

A website is created, email flyers are sent out, social media accounts are created, and the business owner either hires someone to handle the digital marketing efforts or hands over the job to an expert agency like Gramista.

A good digital marketing strategy should result in the different parts coming together as a whole, which is why business owners hope that their social media content would drive more traffic to their websites.

While this does happen quite often if done properly, sometimes the expected results just do not happen, and the site is left wanting for adequate traffic to generate substantial revenue.

Therefore, organic traffic generated as a result of optimizing the content on the website itself should never be underestimated as a strategy.

Let us look at three things you can do to improve the number of visitors to your site.

  1. The Right Content

    This is the most crucial factor that can help improve the SERP rankings of your website and drive traffic to it. By right content, what I mean to say is content that scores well on Google’s algorithm.

    Meaningless stuffing of keywords and repetitive content just to increase the length of an article just won’t do.

    Two examples of efficient content are longer in-depth articles and use of key phrases instead of keywords. The second aspect of ‘right content’ is to have enough meat on your website to convince a visitor to buy, once he has been brought there based on good page rank.

  2. Push for Backlinks

    There are several niche websites which are considered as expert sources for a particular industry niche.

    Your site needs to gain referrals from those websites so that when visitors go to those websites, as they normally would, they can find links to your website there. This is not easy to achieve, and you would need to have a site that is worthy (or valuable) enough to deserve a referral from an accepted expert.

  3. Do It for Free, Sometimes

    If your business needs more visitors, then you can easily draw them in by writing guest blogs on websites that are about the same product or industry that you are in.

    For example, if you have a small beauty parlor, you can offer to write free guest blogs on well-known beauty and wellness websites which would then allow (even encourage) you to add your site to your guest blog.

These are just three of the many things you can do to get traffic to your website, even if your social media presence is not hot enough.

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