Tight Budget? 4 Penny-Pinching Ideas You Haven’t Thought Of Yet

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Being on a budget means stretching your dollar as far as possible. You might already have a budget set up with different amounts allocated for certain expenses, but there are other ways to cut corners.

Consider these four penny-pinching ideas to save money. With the extra savings you can make a large purchase, pay off some debt or invest for the future.

Tight Budget 4 Penny Pinching Ideas You Haven't Thought Of Yet

  1. Cool Your Water

    Turning down your water heater will save money by reducing your gas or electric bill. Water doesn’t need to be turned all the way up. Water that is too hot is bad for your skin.

    Reduce hot water usage by limiting showers to ten minutes or less and washing clothes in cold water. Hot water shrinks them and causes them to wear faster in addition to being more costly.

  2. Do-it-Yourself (Within Reason)

    Many home repairs and remodeling projects can be done on your own to save money. You don’t have to pay for labor costs, estimates or other fees associated with professional repairs. Only do this as far as you’re comfortable though.

    If you need a major job completed such as painting the outside of your house, make sure you use the proper equipment to prep the house, like those at Ben’s Cleaner Sales.

    Know your boundaries and that you can learn new skills, but don’t put yourself in danger or waste money doing something incorrectly.

  3. Switch To Cash

    It may be easier to track your purchases with a debit or credit card, but seeing the cash actually get spent and limiting yourself can keep you on a budget.

    Use a system of setting aside envelopes for specific expenses or activities. When the money is gone out of the envelope there is nothing to fall back on and you’ll need to re-arrange money to accomplish your monthly goals.

  4. Shop Less Often

    This seems like an obvious way to save money, but it’s especially beneficial for food. Making multiple trips to the grocery store increases the chances of making impulse purchases.

    You’ll also spend more money on gas and transportation costs if you go to the store more frequently.

Saving money isn’t always easy, especially when it seems that more is going out than coming in. Apply these simple tips to save and ease the strain on your finances.

Sacrificing a little luxury now pays off in the future. You’ll look back and be glad you were financially conscious and responsible.

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