Time is Money: 4 Home Additions That Make Chores Quick

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There are certain household tasks that are just never-ending. From washing dishes to scrubbing toilets, the types of house cleaning tasks we have to do daily or weekly haven’t changed much in the last 100 years.

But how we tackle them has. A great number of modern conveniences have made housework faster and easier than ever before.

From disposable toilet brushes to programmable washers, modern technology has helped cut down significantly on the time it takes to clean a home.

To save even more time, here are 4 home additions to help make home chores a snap.

Time is Money

  1. Smart sprinklers

    Indoor cleaning and maintenance are not the only home chores. Keeping your lawn and garden neat and tidy can be just as time consuming.

    Like so many other smart products, not only can you program and control your smart sprinklers right from your phone, but they are able to make changes on their own depending on conditions.

    For instance, they won’t turn on if it has recently rained, saving you money on your water bill.

    You can also program them to turn on and off early in the morning and late at night and if you need to run out to get the newspaper or mail while the sprinklers are on, you can shut them off from your smart phone and start them up again when you are safely back inside.

  2. Automatic Tub and Shower Cleaner

    Cleaning the bathroom is often the worst of all chores, and cleaning a tub and shower can get downright laborious.

    With an automatic tub and shower cleaner, however, you just push a button before you step out of the shower, and after a delay, the automatic cleaner will spray your tub and shower with a solution that combats mold, mildew and soap scum.

    With an automatic cleaner, your tub and shower can stay sparking clean day in and day out with no fuss and no muss – and no elbow grease.

  3. Floor Robot

    While hardwood and laminate floors may be more easy care than carpeting, they still need to be cleaned regularly.

    Floor cleaning robots can pick up dirt, dust, and other things and keep your floors from damaging build up.

    Best of all, the low profile of most robots allows them to sneak under furniture and get corners and spaces you just can’t get with a regular broom and dustpan.

    Advanced navigation systems even allow them to follow walls and clean your baseboards as well, making them an all-around cleaning solution.

  4. Central Vacuum System

    Lugging out a heavy vacuum every time you need to pick something up can be time consuming, not to mention taking up a good deal of storage.

    While floor robots can help keep small, daily messes to a minimum, they can’t quite replace a good sweeping from time to time.

    A central vacuuming system is handy and convenient for larger messes, deep cleanings, and space saving.

    Central vacuuming systems are built into floors and baseboards so you can simply turn it on, sweep the floor into one of the ports, and be done.

    Instead of vacuum bags or other supplies, all you might need would be central vacuum parts from time to time for maintenance.

    Central vacuuming systems don’t just vacuum, either, they also dust, dry mop and do a number of other household chores.

    Anyone who has ever dusted knows that more than anything you often just kick the dust up into the air where it settles right back on furniture the minute you are done.

    With a central vacuuming system, you can use a dusting attachment to suck up dust instead of kicking it into the air, making a great number of household chores a snap.

Cleaning house has never been easier thanks to a number of modern innovations. So many chores that once took hours can now be accomplished at the touch of a button or even a click on your smart phone.

With the number of home automation systems growing, it won’t be long before you can clean your whole house while on vacation!

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