Tips for Preventing Debt Behavior Problems

Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 2:00 AM | 3 Comments

Whether you’re entertaining a new debt, or trying to take care of an older one, get expert advice on how to keep man’s worst enemy away from your life. Find ways to make it sick, tired, sad and just plain retired. You must stay away quite a distance from new debt. Incurring debt repeatedly is not happiness. It is sickness. If you are in debt, you must find ways to reduce the burden of debt on your shoulder.

Prevent debt behavior problems

Treat debt as if it’s a living thing like a wild animal that is waiting on its prey to harm it. Everything on earth needs rest. Retire your debt. Give it rest. The following are some tips for preventing debt behavior problems.

  1. Create a budget

  2. Set rules immediately and stick to them

  3. Avoid situations that promote inappropriate debt behavior such as buying on impulse

  4. Observe the debt closely and provide what it needs to be cared for and attended to, so you can eventually eliminate it

  5. Supervise the new debt diligently through undivided individual attention. Restrict the debt’s access to a limited area of your personal finances

  6. Encourage good behavior with praise and attention to yourself

  7. Correct bad debt behaviors by providing positive alternatives

  8. Never punish your debt with incurring new debt

  9. Don’t play rough with your debt. It will bite you back

  10. See your credit counselor if serious or unresolved behavior problems exist

Avoid debt bites

Follow these tips on preventing debt bites:

  1. Never approach a strange debt that you don’t understand. Read fine prints before signing

  2. Don’t even sniff a debt let alone borrow it

  3. Never turn your back to a debt and run away. A debt’s natural instinct is to chase and catch fleeing prey just like a wild animal

  4. Don’t disturb a debt by adding more to it

  5. Be cautious around strange debts. Always assume that a debt is an intruder or a threat to your personal finances

What should I do if I think a debt may attack?

Be always on alert. Life is full of temptations.

  1. Never scream at your debt. Don’t get nervous. Try to solve your debt problems, one debt at a time

  2. A time may come that the debt loses interest in you. Slowly back away until you have solved your existing debt problems

  3. If a new debt does attack, pay it off as soon as you can. Create a firewall, so to speak, that you can put between yourself and the debt

  4. If you fall or are knocked to the ground by the heavy weight of your debt, think about bankruptcy

In a Nutshell
Find ways to make your debt sick, tired, sad and just plain retired. You must stay away quite a distance from new debt. Incurring debt repeatedly is not happiness. It is sickness.

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