Tips For Saving Money On Your Utility Bills All Year Long

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For those looking to reduce their expenses and save money, there are a few bills that may be impossible to influence each month.

Between a home mortgage and auto loans, there are some costs that simply cannot be reduced.

However, utilities are often a cost that fluctuates throughout the year and can be lowered by taking a few simple steps that are affordable and easy to perform.

Tips For Saving Money On Your Utility Bills All Year Long

  • Paint the Roof White

    Studies have proven that white roofs use up to 40 percent less energy than those with black roofs for an efficient method to keeping the home cool. Paint the roof white or use elastomeric coating for an affordable way of saving over $100 annually on the electric bill.

  • Use an Energy Efficient Furnace

    According to the professionals at Cydcom Services Ltd, energy efficient furnaces work to reduce temperature swings in homes, along with offering improved heat distribution. The investment can rake in hundreds of dollars each year with less energy used to operate the product, in addition to cleaner air within the home. Different furnaces offer various energy savings, which often range between 60 to 83 percent less energy used.

  • Set the Water Heater at 120 Degrees

    Most water heaters are set too high and can cost a pretty penny each year with standby heat loss that occurs. Set the water heater to 120 degrees, which will work to still provide warm and hot water to the faucets in the home, as well as save money each year. You can also turn the heater down before leaving for vacation for guaranteed extra savings when the water is not in use.

  • Seal Cracks in the Home

    Although small cracks may seem minor, they can contribute to heat or AC loss throughout the property. Use expanding foam or caulk around windows or door frames, in the attic, near the roof, around holes where pipes have access to the home, and near the top of the basement wall. It’s an affordable and easy step to take that you can do yourself for improved insulation in the home.

  • Change Your Light Bulbs

    Using more energy efficient light bulbs can make a major difference in your electric bill, even if it may seem more costly upfront. Energy efficient light bulbs not only use less energy, but they also last much longer than their counterparts. Start by replacing light bulbs in areas of the home that use the use the lights most often, like the kitchen or family room.

By making a few changes and upgrades around your property, you can save hundreds of dollars annually for simple changes that are worth the payoff. You’ll immediately notice a difference in utility bills each month for lower fees and a smaller global footprint without having to spend too much on the improvements.

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