Tips for Selling Your House Effectively in the Summer Months

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For most of the nation, summer is the season for sizzling home sales. Nationally, most potential buyers begin searching for their next home in January and these search behaviors pick up in March, dip in May, and then peak again in June and July.

Many taxpayers have already filed and received returns earmarked for down payments, and schools are out, making it a good time for families to relocate. The result is 60% of all homes being bought and sold in the summer month.

If you live in the Boston area, this is especially true. This tends to be a great time for sellers who have more choice in how they present the home in big cities like Boston.

The following are some tips to maximize your chance of selling your home this summer. 

Tips for Selling Your House Effectively in the Summer Months

  • Revitalize Curb Appeal

    A sparkling facade is your home’s first impression. Curb appeal, or how your house looks from the street is the first step for attracting potential buyers.

    Use the growing season for planting grass, shrubs, and ornamental plants. Be sure to trim existing trees and bushes and make sure the front door and windows are attractive.

    A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for doors and shutters.

  • Make Obvious Repairs

    Now is the time to make any obvious repairs that may distract potential home buyers from the positive qualities of your home.

    They will probably be making a mental list of things that need to be done as they tour your home so eliminate needless negotiations.

    Consider having a heating/cooling repair service like Total Comfort Heating & Cooling conduct an inspection. If you need appliances serviced before selling them with the house, make sure you do so you don’t have unsatisfied buyers coming back to haunt you.

    Handling repairs yourself will almost always be cheaper than post-inspection estimates.

    Use the spring cleaning season to spruce up inside. Dirty carpets and walls, scuffed floors and clutter are all turn-offs. Use this time to reorganize and toss out or donate unneeded items. This will make your home’s living space look larger and as an added benefit, once it’s time for you to move, you’ll have less to pack.

  • Depersonalize Your Home

    Help potential buyers visualize living at their new residence. Now is the time to go ahead and pack up any obvious memorabilia for your own new home.

    Remove wedding portraits, school pictures, personal collectibles, and family heirlooms. It is advisable to remove any polarizing items that reflect political or religious beliefs as well. Let your home be a blank canvas that the new owner will want to paint with images of their own lives.

Doing your homework and getting a head start on the summer home sales season will help you and your real estate agent have a more realistic view of your home’s worth.

Taking these preliminary steps will dramatically increase the chance you will be closing on the sale of your home before the summer ends.

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