Tips How To Avoid Hiring New Employees On Appearance Alone

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Some screen legends like Carry Grant, Tony Curtis, Gregory Peck, Clark Gable were at times as debonair and good and sweet talker as anybody could be. In comparison, Humphrey Bogart, Burt Lancaster, Robert Mitchum showed on screen that they were rough and tough as anybody could be.

In both cases, they carried themselves (un)believably very well on screen. Looks in the beginning of their careers probably played some part in getting a job, but they did the job extremely well. They auditioned and they proved themselves well worth for the job they were hired.

Hiring On Appearance Alone

  • Fast forward to today

    Some managers still hire folks on looks alone without knowing whether they would do the job well or not. That is a mistake of the worst kind. In the age that high tech and finances play such a big part in all our lives, it would be extremely unjustifiable to hire on looks alone.

    However, it’s quite hard to admit but we are all influenced by people’s appearance. Most folks would tend to assume that attractive people must be good in their respective fields. Fortunately for some and unfortunately for the overwhelming majority, Human Resources (HR) and managers on the floor often end up changing their hiring criteria to accommodate that assumption. That is a huge mistake.

  • Interview applicants behind a curtain

    Media have reported that the New York Philharmonic started holding its auditions with the applicants behind a curtain. The reason is that it allows the judges to focus on the quality of the players’ performance rather than their appearance.

    To hire competent folks, managers should emphasize on how best the new employee is willing to do whatever is necessary to make the business successful. On the same token, new employees must look for ways to prove themselves that they will do the job better or as good as the managers’ expectations and within the time frame scheduled.

In a Nutshell
Managers will pay a heavy price for hiring the wrong people and not firing them soon enough. There is no room for hiring the wrong people in business, especially a start-up business, period.

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