Tips How To Follow Advice Of Master Investors

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In any kind of economy, there are investors that do better than others in stock market. There are those who, in the industry, are known as master investors. Of course, not all master investors are right when they invest or advise folks where to invest. It’s a difficult profession to say the least.

Some of the master investors are Warren Buffett and Jim Rogers as well as mutual fund managers Ralph Wanger, George Michaelis, Peter Lynch and John Neff.

Top Tips

Do a search online for any name above and try to understand the style and the substance of each master investor. A true master investor is someone who has consistently beaten the market averages for at least a decade.

How to profit from the wisdom of master investors

Investment gurus are all over the Internet when you search for them. Besides, gurus often turn up in articles and on TV repeating their theories.

Don’t blindly buy the stocks they recommend, but do use their ideas to help you decide which companies to research.

If two masters agree on a new trend, that could lead you to some interesting investment ideas.

Subscribe to specific publications

There are some traditional publications offline as well as online that have been around for quite some time.

Some of the more popular ones are:

  • Barron’s often features the analysis and stock picks of these masters. Each year, Barron’s publishes its Roundtable in which ten masters discuss major trends.

  • Investor’s Business Daily highlights recent transactions of six top performing mutual fund managers. If two great fund managers are accumulating a stock, it’s probably worth a look.

  • Morningstar Mutual Funds updates its funds every two weeks on a ten-issue cycle.

  • Value Line Mutual Fund Survey tracks mutual fund managers three times a year. Funds are updated in a full-page analysis.

They are all paid subscriptions. Before you subscribe, get familiarized with what they do. Some information on the websites on the outset is free to read.

In a Nutshell
The investment gurus are featured in a wide variety of publications. The key is to fish in the right places where they first discuss their ideas.

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