Tips How To Make $1.5 Million And Drive A Ferrari

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Who says education doesn’t pay? Sounds like crime, doesn’t it? Christian Science Monitor reports “In the Hong Kong cut-throat world of Chinese education, star tutors drive Ferrari and earn $1.5-million salaries.” After the British left the island and gave control to Mainland China in 1997, English became second language. The government introduced “mother-tongue teaching” to popularize Cantonese in the classroom. A vacuum got created where English became the equivalent of a second-class citizen.

Tutoring is common in Asia where I come from. There is intense emphasis on grades and exams put by parents who believe eduction is the only competitive edge a person can have to advance in corporate career as well as starting a business. [I don’t agree but that seems to be reality in some folks’ mind]. That means parents are willing to shell out big money. More than half of Hong Kong’s youths get assistance outside school, a recent survey found.

The market for privately tutoring students in Hong Kong is on the rise and presently it is close to $460 million. Tutors frequently package themselves as the superstars of the education sector in order to appeal to students. Some tutors spare no expenses to advertise themselves. They use billboards, Internet, and wherever they can advertise their services.

Critics worry that the emphasis on good looks and brand names [it seems that Hollywood can be of great help] sends youths the wrong message, but some tutors say the results are real.

In a Nutshell
Go West, Young Man. You can get there eventually by going East as well. If you go West, don’t make a stop in Silicon Valley. That would be a distraction from your goal of making up to $1.5 million, though that place used to be where millionaires from all over met and socialized. They probably still do. A millionaire’s work is never done.

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